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About Lucien

Saving the Light

Lucien's name means "the light." 
Also known as Keylo (you'll have to ask him why - I still don't get it), he is a well recognized figure in Edmonton. He hails from St. Albert, and has been in the Edmonton area most of his life. 
Lucien's light is strong. He is diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder, for which he receives treatment regularly.
Lucien is tougher than you know. He has overcome alcohol and drug dependence. He is proud to have an apartment and, as he says, "everything he needs." 
I - Alice - won't say much more. He speaks for himself most powerfully, if you have the mind and heart to listen. 
He is a person, with a name, and a story. Listen, and he'll tell you. He may also give you a Werther's candy and/or a hug. In return, he hopes you will smile.

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