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Let's talk about
mental health

I am Lucien's sidekick. I'll call myself Alice. I manage the website for Lucien. Of course, Lucien writes all the content for the blog. I just make it look pretty. I'm also posting information about mental health issues. Let's fight stigma.

11 of Us

Help someone in danger of hurting themselves

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Alberta's UCP Health Minister thinks there's no children's mental health crisis in our province.

The former provincial government finalized plans for a children's mental health facility in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Watch the new government deny there was ever a plan.

Hold your fire!

Top 10 ways to help a stranger in mental health crisis

People are curious about mental health. They wonder what's going on when they see someone in distress, but they are unsure what to do. They may feel upset, scared, unsure, compassionate -- a mix of feelings and ideas. What to do? This article is a great reference for trying to understand, and help, if it is needed.
Watch the documentary when you're feeling well. It's disturbing, but everyone needs to know about what happens to some people in crisis.

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