1% and 32% and Mental Cancer

1% of the population end up getting Schizophrenia / Schizoaffective Disorder and of that Group 32% of them will end up KILLING THEMSELVES a way out that disrupts everything and everyone around the person with the Mental Cancer -- and there is no FUCKEN cure as it is NOT WORTH the investment as Mental Illnesses / (I prefer) Challenges just isn't there as Mental Health is always a lost relative that is under funded by the Big Pharma Industry and also Governments and Groups that are supposed to "raise awareness'' of the illness the hopes and trails of the people suffering from the Mental Cancer

My budget, for the Mad Hatter Experience EVENT is

Blog $250 / year

Custom Email $120/ year

Business Cards $60/ 500 Cards x 3 = $180

Hats $60 / hat 2-3 / year =$150 (averaged out)

Staff $50 x 3 / Year == $150

Candies $23 x 12 = $276


Summer / Spring / Fall $150-200 (every few years)

Winter Coat (needs dry cleaning this year)

TOTAL AROUND $1350 / year

I made the Covenant not YOU but you should know anything that you can help with is a BONUS and will be treated as a Gift from God's People so I have no TV, Cell Phone and NO Vices

A few days ago February 11 was 146 months without a smoke and on the 15th (tomorrow) is 7 years (84 months) without a drink

GOD and THEY & YOU ALL did this ALL for me



Lucien aka (the Light)

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