10 Seconds That I Will Never Forget

Last night I had a fire in my home as a new kettle set itself on fire - I was in the hall of my building passing by the door when there was a break between the music that was playing and I heard an alarm (FROM INSIDE MY HOME) and when I walked in I found the Kettle that I just brought home ablaze with a three foot flame shooting out of it:

I panicked and grabbed a pot from the sink (thank you for dirty dishes) and quickly filled and tossed a pot or two of water on the flames, -- it blew up and I now had a live appliance (electric) water, adn glass and I didn't get cut I got the flame out the kettle unplugged

then the clean up began and it would have been so much worse if i would have even stopped to think that

1) You do NOT toss water on an electrical fire

2) the fire extinguisher is down the hall (it would have grown so fast that I likely would have lost my HOME)

NOTE TO SELF -- END OF MONTH (BUY A FIRE EXTINGUISHER) ABC model according to Fire Station 5 in my Neighborhood (I asked)

GOD / JESUS / All The Angels pulled this one off as I could have been electrocuted and burned to a crispy critter


and all it would have taken was a 10 second window being late I am so very blessed, first I survive the wound that is 337 days now and still hurts somewhat as I push myself daily to make people happy , and now a fire


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