12.5 Years Free Of Nicotine

O.K one is actually ''never free'' of this hidous chemical as it is actually a mass of 4000 sum chemicals in a strange combo placement

this is a ''freebee'' in some peoples minds, as they see it as ''one they can QUIT anytime'' well I was in Quit modality from December 2005 to when I actually pulled the ''plug'' on December 11, 2007

then it laughs ((NICO-DEMON))

AS it knows it always ''knows''

it took 20 years of energy, concerts missed films ducked out on

then 51 months

and tonight I am dealing with that too, as in all my life was never offered ''addiction'' assistance E --- it failed = MY = ((ANGELS WON))

to launch its attach, where I was to loose 1/2 my right lung

it waited "and it had all MY time in the world to WAIT

hey, kid want a smoke?

what an ''insane'' product

WEED-- POT -- HASH is easier to stop

and tonight I am dealing with that too, as in all my life was never offered ''addiction'' assisantace

HELL NO LUCIEN is strong enough (but) damn near KILLED me on this one people

but I am going to someway celebrate my 12.5 years (this one I EARNED) I truly did

MY favorite meal from my favorite restaurant tonight



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