192 Hours Into Being 60 Years And The Foundations Begin To Be Poured

We yesterday the 10th of February 2021 was a turning point in my life as I saw a therapist that really opened my eyes to my incredible life and future and a day

I don't much see myself the way others see me, as I drank much to much and way to long but once I decided to change my life and my world the "SWITCH" was flipped started to read a book by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal called Stealing Fire that begins talking about a mental SWITCH that the SEALs and Google program into their people (It is a subconscious thing) and I just started the book as it was a part of my Birthday gifts a few days ago

This incredible last 8 days (192 hours) has been incredible, as I have been working on taking back control via "personal responsibility" as the books say we should as I can't expect others to behave certain ways if I am unable / or unwilling to also do my part here

This is a story that begins in a place many enter and some never make it back as their demons take over and well it just gets badder and badder as it breaks up families destroys businesses, and leads to death early as I was to find out as a child as my own dad who was a 14 year old's super hero would be taken away when he was only 45 years old (just a very young man) and struck dead

I couldn't deal with the loss and in 1975 (likely before you were here even) grief counselling simply didn't exist as children were supposed to "SUCK IT UP" and deal with it, well that was hard enough but my dear mom was lonely and feel for a animal that was out for the money and had it not of been for my Uncle Mike (my mother's brother) he would have pulled it off to

Armand Hugli I forgive for the reign of terror that you perpetrated upon children and my mom as she was ill with MS and you, you asshole beat me so many times I was forced to run away to BC with a suitcase of Record Albums (1976/77) and my money from working full time and while attempting school full time

It was 1975 I took my first serious drink and started smoking weeds -- it would be only a few months before I saw the cash I was making working being either drank of blown up in smoke and I would begin "dealing" (that would last until October 13, 1978 and I know that date as I was served with a warrant to search the motel unit 8 I had on the St Albert Trail (I stopped dealing) that night, the warrant is in a frame on my wall in my home now, it would take a life time to stop smoking as it would last until March 18, 2006 the day after my marriage ended

(I would start the weeds again in 2020 when treatment stopped on my wound / bedsore and COVID 19 began) I remember and a friend Elvis offered help if I would / could stop again as he is a very smart man a very, very smart man whose advice I always valued and still do

I am now approaching 200 days of being totally clean and sober and as for my personal expedition into the weird world of sobriety I will have 8 clean years in a few more days, February 15, 2021 -- It seems like a life (well it was as I was moved through sound stage after sound stage in some kind of weird reality TV series called (It was your life, you screwed up and you lost it and we saved you for society, and you work for us now) and I feel I do at times although that drama title is a way to long and truthful at times

As I now have the track records with getting and staying clean and rising from the ashes when I was homeless in 2013 and till January 27 2014 when I was transferred to the next stage of my schooling and educations I would be needing to figure out the next 10 years and I am planning a Mad Hatter Experience Foundation to bring my series of talks to the kids in schools from coast to coast, and even international

Were going to begin here on-line as I via this blog have been in 229 Cities and 33 Countries and I think we can create a synergistic effect to raise the funds and gifts in kind to pull off the Mad Hatter Experience Foundation as were a community here on M.H.E. of 2800 plus users and with numbers like we have the power to influence the external world and grow this baby as my goal right now is to get post out every second day approximately and 500 words in the books I am working on daily

Were going to begin this with "Conversations With The Mad Hatter" on YouTube - and I am looking forward to it as the pieces are finally falling into place -- Really Looking forward to starting up

Thank you all for your support

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