2,153 Days Into An Experiment Of Kidnapping Of A Much Younger Man

Medicated Goo just uploaded a few moments ago, and hopefully this dose keeps the Devil Girl, Ms. Payne off me for a while as it has been a very long morning as I once again have been up all night

Medicate Goo consisted of ''this dose''

1,000mg Tylenol &

30mg Codeine

@ 8:54am according to my J.L.B. (Junkie Log Book) 2019 Volume (I recommend a log book system for anyone dealing with multiple medications) I use the Every man Journal from my favorite toy store Lee Valley Tools

Not much left the same as I was when I was "kidnapped" and "SAVED" as I was a total mess and wasn't given much hope to mentally re-design/ re-program /re-engineer and re-educate my mind and life / body as I was stopped at the moment I was "lost" and then the

You gave me some great teachers along my way and for this I am very, very Blessed as I stumbled a lot while I was in the "drama" I didn't see as I was blind and now I see, thanks to my best and only friend at the time this began in 2013 *SK* thank you for all your kindnesses to all the Angels that stepped up and played a very active role in my saving.

DRAMA - [according to Oxford Dictionary] = "A exciting series of events"

Little did i know what you all had in store for me a kid that couldn't grow up then now or maybe ever

So today is 2,153 days into my own abduction (lets see what mischief I can get myself into today shall we?)

Me / Mischief well maybe --

You know when this stuff alll began I was a young drunk 52 year old and that Cold February 15, 2013 when

The Two Gentlemen in City Police Service Officers gear and they just said well it was starnge a I went to bed in a English world,

But they didn't make sense (it was a mind screw program they practice lots) for likely days like I presented as I was seriously hung over from the 4 liters of cheap wino red wine the night before,

They used English and said something to the effect "You threatened to punch your shrink in the head over the phone to his receptionist" my dad taught me and I studied war that one never and I mean NEVER give the opponent a heads up EVER

Leave me alone ''PLEASE" MY HEAD HURTS and it hurt even more now as I had no memory of this at all NONE


It was 11 days after a very isolated 52 year old birthday (so dumping sobriety on me was a gift)

One of the few things that has now made a wild ride with me in 6 years 5 plus months of being a sober fool

You all picked on me and I LOVED YOU

Please ((SK)) let me come home

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