2,176 Days Into My Kidnapping, A Shower, A Bunch Of Bullies, & System Failures

Last week this time I finally asked one of my kidnappers for a chance to go home before I die and attempted to explain in "tears" that even the stairs in my current residence have become way to painful,

My kidnappers took benefits away from me that still have yet to be returned like a I.L.S. (Independent Living Skills) worker as I had a worker from 1991 to 2013 some (22 years) and my Capital Region Housing Benefit of which I also had from 1991 to 2013 (22 years)

Now I lost these benefits for the SIMPLE REASON ---that is was I GOT SICK in Alberta and needed to be PUNISHED AND PUNISHED HARD

I have been approved for the housing after much testing and stress and the funds still have not arrived -- as I am a

DAMN SCHIZOPHRENIC and need to be PUNISHED in ALBERTA as hard as we the PEOPLE can --

I have proven I have value and now I need to even ask for the APPROVAL for a shower from a nurse even though i am competent enough to manage 10 different medications without even being provided nurses charting forms and needed to design my own, but then again I am a High Functioning Schizophrenic Living Alone In Alberta and I proved that even with your utmost ability to deny me access to services I could and would survive and even make a name for myself as I am a child of GOD (and this is his world)

I was written off by the

Addictions & Mental Health Agencies a very long time ago

BUT IAM BACK and I will now assume my role here in THIS SOCIETY as a leader amongst man and maybe the Key' Lo to save OUR SORRY ASSES


Now that is IRONY to say the least as if you remember this all began on October 15, 2018 with the

DISCOVERY of a HOLE / Bed Sore on my Coccyx (tailbone) around my ass and I have needed had "treatment and surgery" on my Ass ever since (in fact tomorrow I see my plastic surgeon (and we are not going to be talking Oilers, or Eskimos)

If you are in the way of my goals and dreams ------ I suggest you move.

I finally have my Physical Doctor set to talk to my Mental Health Doctor (Psychiatrist) this week and it all began as I walked out of a packed ER on August 7, 2019 when the next few days began to change well EVERYTHING I ever knew was my life (EVERYTHING) and now I meet with Plastics, and then Home-care to end up my week

I HAVE SUFFERED FOR YOU ALL and I will continue TO SUFFER till there are no more sad people here on this plane of existence we call life

You see in grades K-5 I was a straight A student in fact I was a damn genius and then "[[THEY]]" had me

And not many people know this little story, as it has "tears, embarrassment, shame and humiliation" in it and even my doctors don't know this so maybe they have the few minutes it will take to read this blog post to get into my head // life // and world a wee bit deeper

You see I was a very well shielded child until these events and then I QUIT school, music, sports, scouts

I just went through the motions for the next few years, and then in 1974 from a upper middle class life my mom went to jail, there the damn family secret exposed

But it truly gets better as we got this kid 13 being tormented in school, and in the community and then for a 14th year birthday gift (15 days later) me dad passes away on February 19, 1975 and I am now truly alone, mom gets boyfriend after test driving a few through a news paper ad to find one (internet dating) before the net (using the Edmonton Journal) and the dude she decides upon needs to be a __ __ CK-EN monster named Armand Hugli a 6 foot 8 damn monster and the beatings are now at school, the community and now at HOME so i pretty much had zero safe place to be, and I was drinking with a neighbor boy Greg Bruha and his brother Gerard making cash off every bottle I was able to afford, I was working in the La Rose industrial machine in 1975 (the year Pink Floyd released the song "welcome to the machine" (Pro Western Plastics) where I was introduced to the weed, and I only wanted the damn pain to end (as it was unbearable) The Social Services stepped in around 1976 and took my kid sister out of the house (for her safety) but I blamed myself,

The pain wouldn't end nor slow down,

Yesterday I made a post about two bullies that work in the Mental Health Machine that are not accountable at all for their behavior and have the ability to cause great suffering to those (me) in this world.

We need to hold those that are employed in places to help the vulnerable and unwell to a higher standard, as Bullies need to be weeded out just like thistles in a flower garden

I am not well right now and to denies me access 24/7 is totally inexcusable as I am a citizen of Canada, Alberta and of Edmonton where the service is located (wonder what would occur if i arrived in person?)

This could be fun? A interesting night out on the town

Going to call and find out how I do this

Remember --- Underestimate Me --- as "This Will Be Fun"

Giselle says "We have given you [plenty] of help, follow your care plan'' then she says ''I can't help you unless your suicidal or homicidal'' ARE YOU? -- I say no and she does a power move and hangs the phone up.

Emily says "Contact your treatment plan" I am having a crisis right now dealing with Bullies and Emily is not willing to use 10-20 minutes to dig into the logical / mental reasoning for my distress -- and starts orally pushing me around and then claims i am getting aggressive, and hangs up phone as a power move, keep in mind that the Associate Addictions and Mental Health Minister said on June 17, 2019 that Access 24/7 was open to all Albertan s (help me as I didn't move out of province) and have no intention of doing so I was born here and I

Addictions and Mental Health is the basically "poor cousin" in the Health Portfolio and this Access 24/7 is pretty much all we have and it is a Private System with zero accountability to anyone and it doesn't actually do anything

Accept cost money and provide a photo opp occasionally

And now for the shower as it took a few phone calls and a few talks with really smart, and very compassionate nurses to finally get one to "allow" me to shower

The reason that I can't just do thsi is that I have a damn HOLE in my body with Three (3) tributary's on HOLES ranging in length from 2.1cm, 2.2cm and 6.5cm (Sinus Tract Wounds) they are called

But with an appointment with Plastic Surgeon today (an appointment I get maybe every 6 weeks) they (my keepers) have decided to "allow" (their "little" pet) a little while in a shower too get wet

To be excited about a damn shower:

and my breakfast is going to be good too

Now if I could just figure out a easy way to get more cash for mental health and addiction the morning will be complete

But hey maybe I can play "PICK ON A BULLY" this morning as Iam Insane (as Iam the Mad Hatter) but you knew that

it is 238am and i was finally basically lead by a nose ring to buy a damn alarm clock and to attempt to be a "BETTER NORMAL SCHIZOPHRENIC" so I have one on order as I still haven't screwed up my New's Resolution as It was "Obey Smart Girls/Ladies, and remember that They Are All Smart"

And I am still listening (did I say I was INSANE) ahah

Breakfast should be incredible aslo

eggs x 4

Cheese (1 cup)

Artichoke Hearts x 3

Bread (Thank YOU City of Edmonton and the Food Bank) Your amazing and my dentures have never been as clean as they are now

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