2,188 Days Ago I Was Kidnapped As I Was "Allowed" To Step Out Of My Past Life Into The New One

That YOU all by/ with "Society Design Inc." created for me to "teach and allow" me to leave my past behind and to begin over again -- I still in my minds eye see me "sticking the key in the door at unit 1301e" and walking away alone into the morning "ALONE" as it was September 4, 2013 and I had just burned my last friend up in a emotion tirade that lasted a very long time as i got "unwell" very fast after I went through detox, (stopping was the simple section of) ADDICTIONS MANAGEMENT CONTROL (A.M.C.) it was the nuclear fall out that began to occur a months after i ended my relationship to the wine and booze, as it was like watching domino's fall in a rapid rate as people were just bailing as is (from what i would learn was a standard operations seduction of the last of the "state changing manifesto" would dictate:)

I was fun as a drunk (ok not really fun, but manageable) but sober -- well no one knew what the hell to do with me, first their end of the month paycheck disappeared as I always shared my bounty (all drunks do) as when we have money were welcome, when it runs out (well then we need to talk "right?") and I had a great place, and I had income, and a friend that would bail me out if it got bad "a perfect storm" for incredible chaos

Today with three days before I am at 6 years into my invisible kidnapping, and 6.5 years plus into my sobriety I was told -- by a person familiar with my life, that I was never a drunk, (she never knew me) and I haven't seen this person since April 7, 1999 (and yes we have talked many times on the phone) She is a "White Picket Fence" Christian that will do pretty much what ever it takes to tarnish the Lucien Jean Edgard Facciotti II" name and the Family name as she flat out said

"You were never a drunk?" (her blinders are definitionally screwed on to tight) These people crucify each other for sport and if they find the "weak lamb" (which maybe when I was a drunk i may have been) they go straight at you,

Great Book by David Goggins called Can't Hurt Me is worth the money *really*

Weird thing about people like her, she /they are so intent on making MORE "money" that this is what it all becomes for them a economic crusade and they know very little

My world / life has changed so very much in the last (2188 days) "3 days short of six (6) years* that I wonder what i would be like had YOU ALL not [Performed YOUR Ultimate Intervention] to SAVE THE LIGHT --- Lucien in Latin = The Light

Why me? What was I before I was before I was? -- How has all I was allowed to learn and to enlarge my heart to enter into a changed the world itself?

You created a man with a heart and a soul

Proving that the program / experiment I began in 2006 the L.S.D ex. WORKS and if it can save a wretched man like myself -- "think of the unlimited possibilities in this world"

And what do I want? need? :-)

Kindnesses, Love, Understanding, Compassion not just for me, but for my brothers and sisters who tonight are dealing with the

Voices and Visions -- of this horrible illness called "Schizophrenia" as it truly is a horrible affliction and one i wouldn't wish upon any other human being no matter what they may have or may not have done. as it is just horrible (as Ian Hunters album title states "Your Never alone with a schizophrenic" --- It is true -- myself I have a few Voice Mail Boxes (that my team downloads and likely shares) to "talk to" as I sometimes feel I am going insane in my damn head

It is 3 sleeps before Christmas at Lucien's home, as I am investing in a small stereo so I will have AM/FM radio (can listen to a few friends on the air) a CD player (I have a collection, as does GMCC Library) and if I continue to "behave" I have access to as I am so very, very blessed as I have made friends at a few stops in school already and it also will have a LP player and I have a pretty decent Vinyl Collection (which I can then add to) "remember getting really high and hitting an all night used book, CD, LP store" (now I can still add to the collections but less the weeds, and I so enjoyed getting high, (wow its been a while)

September 4, 2019 = 6 years of ,my programs to re-educate, re-program, re-design,re-boot, and re-engineer my life through the Matrix of MY MIND (thank you Emma for entering into my little itty bitty mind) as you embark upon your 6 year journey to figure out how humanities minds work as well as keep an eye on my mind, and behavior from a cafe, and blog and friendship level as well as a whole community joins in on the Key Lo watch as we work on creating a new work of art, reality in a

Brave New World, Aldous Huxley (also a great read)

And yes we have "thought Police" and have for a very long time, - Remember as it states in Think & Grow Rich a book by Napoleon Hill that was a gift from my best friend when I was allowed to reside in his place in 2003 with then my wife and step daughter is an incredible read and is so much more about life than just money (money helps) - You can get a copy under 10$

Thank You for allowing me into your life today

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