2.200 Days Into The Kidnapping And Freeing Of My Heart

People if "only" you knew even a small part of what you all have done unto me in saving me from a death that no man / woman should ever know

You can't see into a soul, a heart, a brain, a mind --So this "unveiling" of my soul, heart, brain,mind, in a Blog that has already been seen in 7 countries and 31 cities will give society access to areas generally reserved for Priests, Doctors, Magicians, High Priests and High Priestesses and Wizards

We have never had this technology available to a Eccentric, Schizophrenic who has decided to let others into a world mostly hidden from society -- and while I am not the brightest egg to fall from the apple tree (at least I didn't break) when I hit the ground (and I hit hard last time)

My pain from the War of The Holy Hole has returned to take up another shot at me, and this has me a little freaked out as I had 20+ days of a pain (relatively) pain free existence -but I actually had a slight feeling I wasn't done with her (it) as I lost the memory of it and I lost track of reality of her (it) And this allowed a opening to her (it) to squeeze in

But 2,200 days since I was picked up and the lessons started, and besides these last 10 months, 28 days (322 days) I was allowed to learn some really cool stuff, I saw "dead people" real dead people at the hospital (12, a full egg carton) of them --I learned from EMS techs, Doc's (not only mine) I learned from "physical health nurses" (I only knew of mental health nurses before my "event" here) so that opened my eyes up (in fact I never [not even 1x went to the mental health unit] where it all began in 1983 for me

Security did how ever wonder to the why I wasn't there as it is not every day you get a guy in a large Mad Hatter hat running the hospital (okay running around the hospital and not running teh hospital) :-) thanks guys for my privileges you extended me

Now I need you hands, and maybe feet as I have a strange feeling about this "winter of discontent" that we are all heading into

You see I made a ""DEAL: COVENANT" with a large group of the above people/entities that I would change my "plans" (if there was significant changes in the wound) then it somewhat got a bit better, and the ""DEAL : COVENANT"" was changed a wee bit, but then I started to wonder "what if it was too little to late" and that scared me as I saw my various TEAMS working hard to change my life / world and my little itty bitty mind, School came back in and a new group of kids showed up

Including a class of Nurses that attended me when I was in The Covenant Misericordia Health Hospital between March 11, and April 25, 2019 You all changed my very life with your kindnesses and caring THANK YOU ALL

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