2 Days Until Seven (7) Yah (7) Seven Years Of Sobriety

When this all began on February 15, 2013 who knew we all would pull this one off as long as we all have I OWE the EPS, City Of Edmonton, Governments Of Alberta, and Canada my very life as well as the many incredible Doctors than ran interference programs all over the place as well as the Cadre of my friends (all this is new)

To think YOU ALL did this for me is amazing as hell ---> You ALL have Breathed LIFE & LOVE into a Heart that was broken and YOU ALL healed me from within.

I in just 2 days will have been sober for 84 months (I always wonder how I did this) then I see YOU & GOD & JESUS & ANGELS

And I am beginning to see the dream I somehow slipped into along the way

and I am so very GRATEFUL for THE LOVE that YOU ALL have shown this stranger in town that walked as it seems into your hearts and souls just a short time ago



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