22 Days Till Seven (7) -Years Of Sobriety -- Oh What A Ride!!

Any attempt to try and sort this last SEVEN (7) years of my personal sobriety would just do me a "total disservice" as I had so very many HIGH points (that looking back) the LOWS and don't get me wrong that that were a group of LOWS --also that always seemingly attempted to Shanghai the HIGHS

So I will work on leaving them out as much as possible as we all know I had my teeth (22) removed with NO freezing, we have heard about the FLAP surgery conducted on April 11. 2019

Well the Ride is NOT Over for me now anyone as society is a great place to show the resilience of a HUMAN BEING - -- I likely will need a all night session tonight however I did get 6 hours

You people are all amazing to me who ventured into the waking world like just today the kindness was wonderful all night long

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