24 - 48 Hours In The LIVES Of The Mad Hatter

Yesterday I was escorted to the Hospital for a Heart Related Issue it seems to get worse and it needs to stop as I have tried so hard to make all of my life work

I try really hard

I have decided that I need to create a course on SALE 101 as we all sell and I think a exhibition of this was shown at the Hospital when I went and got myself (personal responsibility) [ formed 1 ] As I was deemed that I wouldn't / couldn't understand the RULES of the COVID

I am now as a result of the Heart Issue on Locked Down 10 days or until the results come back negative

This morning I went LIVE with "Conversations with the MAD HATTER" its at https://anchor.fm/lucien9 and it will get better and longer I promise as this was just a test

Thank you for your support on my various projects

been up all night my dog is dead some bodies bullet shot him though his head (can't remember who sing's that song) if you know

who wants the first shout out on the podcast send me a note with your name and locations

Thank you all

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