24 Days To A New Life -- Thank You All

All of it (the pain) the Holy Hole War came crashing in on me on August 7, 2019 when I finally had no options left, and I "boarded" the E.M.S. (ambulance) / Magik Bus for a really short ride to the Royal Alex Hospital -- I was about to have a change of "reality" super imposed upon my mind as I saw actual sick people (yeah they still make em by society design inc.) and at first I was in a room with a bed/cot and then they asked me "if I wouldn't mind moving into the waiting area" (I agreed as "[[they]]" knew would) so me and the Hat, the Coat, the Staff and for the night out the bag of books, Yah i took a knapsack of books.

One guy in hospital gear had a stash of ensure (a meal replacement) and the hospital had to deal with "The Mad Hatter Experience" (amazing)

I was there along time and I exploded at least 2x and finally I had enough as I was only looking to "score" (and they knew it) as I was as a result of my wound pain being forced to buy medicine on the streets, (Kids DO NOT do this) as I was lucky and scored "clean" Codeine (there is some out there cut with Fentanyl)

So now it seems 24 days after the show that I now need to become a spokesman for Auntie Opiate (She will kill you for fun, or sport)

But she is not why I decided to write as I decided as a direct result of gratitdue for "Design By Society Inc." stepping in at the "Theater Of The Alex Waiting Room" to save my life

I by chance had a appointment to see my Personal Physician the following day and I had a hallucination I could convince her to raise my dose of Codeine (for pain from 1-30mg tablet 4x a day to 1 tablet 6x a day) I forgot Dr G (you care about me) and my short lived "hallucination" was going to fall so far apart on August 8, 2019 that Night would look like Day and Day to Night- You are a very strong doctor and friend Dr G (thank you, for the research you conducted on my behalf that week) You are amazing,

So that meant in 24 hours I went from 6 Tablets (2 of which I was buying on the streets) to __ __ CK all

And the next few days were different (harder) not sure how much was mental but it was "different" (for sure)

August 12, 2019 would bring about the start of the cross over on the Anti Physcotic from Invega (started Sept 10, 2018) to Abilify oral

August 14, 2019 would lead to a Overdose as it was a bad pain night and a dual anniversary the next day August 15, it was 6.5 years without a drink, but it was being overshadowed by the anniversary we first discovered the wound 10 months ago (amazing how a negative can and does replace a incredible positive) (this happens to lots of people)

The results looked okay to Dr Y and the following Monday 19, we had a talk and began the injection of it (Abilify) 400mg (due every 28 days)

Two days later I would see Plastics and Dr W (who said) "where is the wound", that was August 21, 2019

A few more days would take me to Access 24/7 door step as I continued adjusting to my new life / world / reality and it was an incredible young lady on August 26 that brought up that I needed to create a Night Plan (and she told me about this idea)

I was both excited and leery as even having a death sentence lifted 5 days ago at this point i was scared.

But I mentioned it in one of the 100's of Voice Mail Messages my Nurse A allows me, and I would then have Home care and O/T over for a OT fitting on the furniture on the 27th and I got very ashamed as I thought the house was a mess, and I became distraught and a "welfare check" was set up and Officers Linden and DJ attended, and it was okay to hear that the place wasn't a disaster

Two days later I would have a few sessions (August 29) with Physiologist MAB and Nurse A.-- And the Night Plan was one of the items that was to come up, as well as a few more

Well its 24 day since my ride in the Magik Bus and My Bottles (ensure) are all bagged and ready for transport, the fridge and freezer and cleaned, the kitchen table is cleaned and art supplies are organized, and since I have always at least attempted to be an overachiever there is floor, in the dinning room, and living area, and I am fed, and walked 42 miles 67 km since last Sunday making a few people happy, I have started a time management course, and I have been for a bottle (water) 5 days in row, 9 since the 8th(this is my entertainment) and was a event I missed dearly when I went down to the wounds from hell, nice to be back amongst friends and family--I have had 148 people visit this site and view just over 2,100 pages (that I wrote)

And it is all due to you love and kindnesses as you see me around town


And tomorrow I get more work its midnight and I am off to bed

Night all

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