26 days to the 7 year mark of sobriety

The positive role model that YOU ALL played for me over the last 2,530 days from the time I ended my drinking until today (seems like it’s been a very long time) as I have gone through so very much to show that I "could / would / should" be able to redesign my life and at the same time the world around me:

This is the Biggest event I have ever had occur in all my days upon this rock (pale blue dot) in the history of my family I could not find anyone that went this long


Me Sober – It has a weird sound and a strange after taste very close to 7 years as I sure as hell took OnE strange trip to arrive here: Long STRANGE Trip – From Asylum [90 days] To The Streets (Homeless) [59 days’] to a Jail Cell Cold and Alone for [88 days, for 23 hours a day] , to a Forensic Unit and then back to a Asylum with a few stages tossed in for a happy measure including having all my remaining teeth pulled out of my mouth with no freezing at all this all would see my Exile would be in total from

The day I walked out of my life, To the day I was “allowed” to return to the remaining years I had left --- I stayed sober

But and this is a major BUT the testing of me and my little life and mind was about to get “mind f**Ked in a big way it was at October 15, 2018

I was about to get the what would be the worst aliment that I had ever had at all on a physical level as I was “given” a

Coccyx Bedsore [tail-bone] (the worst place you can get one) but it was from hell that started off as a hole the size of a dime and by April 11, 2019 would be the size and deeper than a two dollar CDN currency {4cm x cm x 1.5 cm deep) oh how I prayed for crypto currency

The constant pain was a trip I wouldn’t wish on anyone EVER as it hurt that much level 9 for weeks / months on end

It is over pretty much now just the “referred pa in” now still hardcore but I get reprieves

See the chapter / yah we still have a chapter on…….


As even in the level 9 pain I would be in sometimes for months I still was so very grateful for being here at this moment

For the Incredible reason that I was “allowed” into your life, as you read my words today

Sitting with Pink Floyd “wish you were here” – the song that began my 37-month Exile back on September 4, 2013 (I would be allowed home here back on October 1, 2016) and J am now in a world a little different for me, AS it is A world that I AM loved in and a world IAM cared for in as this is the best life I Have EVER HAD

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