29--> Days Till 7 Years Of Sobriety <-- After 38 Years In A Bottle :-(

Less than a month a sale for the home based business I started on January 11, 2020 to celebrate the 145th month 12 Years 1 month, of being Smoke Free after a 20 year session with @25 plus a day

The Nic-O-Demon

IAM Happy and So Wonderous about the Big Day on February 15 (I stopped drinking in 2013) --- It is already a National Holiday in Canada already National Flag Day ---- So I GET a National Holiday For MY Country that is also MY Annual Day Of Sobriety (International) as I am a "Citizen Of The Earth" -- .

It will be 7 Years *84 Months* S.O.B.E.R.

<ME?>-- > S.O,B.E.R. < ME?>


This IS my and YOU ALL can write this down as "The Window Time" -- T.W.T. -- Of My Life as there was NO WAY - > N.O.N.E. -- > I could PULL YOU ALL through before I Opened The Window of the 145 - 84 Myself and TOOK a LEAP OF FAITH, and as I went through the Universe said unto me "The Universe Has Your Back" (a book that was published in 2016) by Gabrrielle Bernstein -- Remember I was sober three (3) years before and the Universe was awaiting me, as were YOU ALL

THANK ALL OF YOU on my Global Team(s), as Currently as of 185 days with the blog its been viewed in 82 Cities and 17 Countries, by some 1,027 Users looking at 11,905 pages

A Little Insanity Seemed To Helped The Journey as I was at times so ALONE --did ya' ALL THINK (nah I bet you didn't) that the Mad Hatter would show up and be long to your Family of Human Beings all of us trapped here on the "Pale Blue Dot" (Carl Sagan) RIP said a few years ago

Everything, Everyone, Every very dream -- EVERYTHING that was here BILLIONS and BILLIONS of Years ago was done here on this Pale Blue Dot -- Everything

This Morning I sit here in Awe of Humans -- We ALL Are Amazing -- YOU SAVED THE LIGHT so in turn "The Light Could SAVE YOU ALL"

So as My Best Female Friend put it "how do you get the guy that has everything, anything?" I only wanted to make YOU ALL


Hey but now I have a box of Pepper, and Other House Hold Products I SELL (and don't let that 4 letter word throw YOU ALL off as

To Be Human is to SELL -- > Started when we were born, on the "Pale Blue Dot" we all SELL all our lives as Daniel H. Pink writes about in "to sell is human" (and its worth the money)

And the Profits will fund The Mad Hatter Experience -- Weapons Against Poverty Programs, were the A.P.E. program will begin

I LOVE YOU ALL -- and I just needed to BREAK through the window of LOVING me again and while it is like peeling back layers on a onion I am getting through as I have had some brilliant MENTORS on my path in the last 7 years

The book "The Mindful Self Compassion Workbook and Teachers Book have proved essential to my growth

And the last few years since I placed a large GREEN MAD HATTER HAT on MY HEAD and stepped into a Drama that was an "unfoldment" of the reality of the world I didn't wish to witness much more that was 857 days ago that The Hatter Hat went up - it seems such a short time ago considering all YOU ALL did for me

God Bless You ALL


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