3 Days To Seven (7) Years Of Sobriety

What a "trip" Now I know as I have been able to change / alter my entire life in the short time of 7years

Very little (Physical) remains the same as I left for my journey on a in February 15, 2013 when the EPS decided to step into a mess of a life a total mess as I pretty much drank my entire life away as this began (my relationship with the bottle) the day after my dad of 45 years old (I was 14) passed away .. it entered and destroyed everything HUMAN about me from February 19, 1975 (Yah I was a kid once upon a time) a pretty decent kid at that as I didn't get high even once till the summer of that year at my first HUMAN COG JOB (H.C.J.) I was 14

I stayed SOBER as so I would have a story of survival, resilience, HOPE and GOD after that early morning Visit by the two EPS Officers that on that weird morning of February 15, 2013 I either died or was reborn

You know looking at the numbers / dates February 19, 1975 (I started drinking) to February 15, 2013 (I went "COLD TURKEY" off a product I used all my life) it was 37 years 11 months and 27 days of a loss of life -- this is 13,876 days

I was drunk and hung over that fateful morning and was "ALLOWED" this opportunity to be a Re-Born Human (R.B.H.) -- And I am so very, very GRATEFUL for this

Dakota call home / email -- I am happy tonight as I seem to have found a calling in a "spice world", life, and I am so very into this life I have been allowed into

You know our minds are incredible, as if we get stronger mentally we can alter the world that we are in

How did I end up going from Wino,, (1975-2013) to Whinner (2018-2019) to Winner (2020) as I studied all I could on the writings of the masters and I came to see we and I could alter MY world TOTALLY

And what I did can be duplicated as, I am not stronger than anyone at all

In FACT --- I am not as smart as are YOU as showed all day as I get closer to the Day of 7's

Good Night All

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