310am and pain level = +8 just medicated

now we wait -- 45-60 minutes for a break that lasts 2-3 hours --this is the absolute worst event that has ever occurred in my whole little itty bitty screwed up life

I am driving a world around me insane also so to the close world around me I am truly sorry but I just

don't no what to do any longer

Imagine if you can a 2.1 cm paper cut and right next to it a 2 cm one and then to drive one right out of ones mind a 6.5 cm paper cut (then imagine this at the very base of your tail bone where a bundle of nerves is now exposed)

welcome to my little nightmare of 9 plus months and counting

Medicated Goo =

30mg Codeine

1,000mg Tylenol

600mg Gabapentine was stopped last night due to drug interactions (no one noticed) for weeks an even worse (no one listened) as after all I am just the patient and to top it off a "I.C.S."

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