34 Days Of Being 60 Years Old And I Actually Feel Well

YOUNGER by 20 Years and I have no idea as to this new fountain of Youth I have stumbled into and maybe it is the fact the drugs are better these "daze" then again I can't do drugs unless there "state" approved

Hey wait a second here as somehow I think I am getting screwed again as I was told that "legally" weeds are legal as of October 17, 2019 but I got cut off on July 27, 2020 in the middle of a Global Pandemic with this COVID 19 stuff and some how I have stayed clean for 217 days (and this I miss) but I get the weird science of weeds and mental health issues and I won't run from the fact I have one of this planets worse mental health challenges schizoaffective Disorder as I have been dealing with this all my life and I did this getting clean silliness right dab smack in the middle of the damn Pandemic and it stuck (mind you weeds are not additive) and if you look at smokes cigarettes compared to the Weeds you can't compare as when I stopped weeds the first time in 2006 I didn't resume smoking again until 2019 after a hard session with the family doctor at the time and a Cannabis Shop next door I am a damn human and I cracked and I was driven to get high as a matter of principal

What the hell as I have gone through hell in the 38 plus years of my personal mental health journey that began in a garage (no that was Apple, and Amazon ) but mine began in a room in a house that my doctor at that time was operating out of and I was a kid in 1983 @ 22 years old and we didn't have a trace of the World Wide Web / Internet and it would be in 1986 when I was first exposed to N.L.P. / Nero Linguistic Programming, and a book donated to the save my life foundation called Frogs Into Princess by John Bandler and Richard Grinder that this stuff started to make a shred of sense and even then I had zero ideas of the mechanisms of the brain but I was "trusting" and that / this was what might of lead me into the world of Mental Health Challenges to the degree it did as at time I fought very hard to deny the illness as I didn't think I was sick as I didn't feel sick (that is one of the major problems with Mental Health Issues diagnosis is hard as you break your arm and we can see it is broken we in 1983 didn't have CAT Scans, MRI, PET Scans we now have some incredible technology to diagnosis and treat Mental Health Challenges and Society has also changed a lot since I was first introduced to my first of many Psychiatrists

Okay I will play were going to be opening a store on-line soon and maybe I should stay both "clean and sober" as on February 15, 2021 I celebrated 8 years of sobriety kind of weird to pull this off as my ''tour of duty'' in this strange land of ''the sober'' (and it is more than me now) as I keep meeting others on this path of less destruction (as I was a bad drunk) at the end no one would drink with me, it was horrible as I didn't want to go to the bar no more as at 52 it is not the same as when your 20 or 30

But I seem to have got a weird re-birth of my being as I thought I was going to die a few weeks ago as my body hurt all the time and I we didn't seem too have a idea as to the why behind the "pain" and man I was in "PAIN" for months and it wasn't getting any better at all and the Pain Killers were like band-aids,

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