34 Days Till I Have 7 Years Of Sobriety

This is even weirded as 7 cat years is 44 and I spent my first 17 years at - 44 Gresham Blvd in St Albert

just wrapped up 145 months smoke free = 12 years 1 month

and I entered a business arrangement yesterday to celebrate the occasion

I decided that IAM going from Wino, 1975 (right after my father passed away) to `1995 which would take me to 2019 AS the damn ? Whinner, and that now for the time I still have left that I am going to BE "THE"



Just very sorry it me so damn long to get ME

Out of that damn Wino Bottle


You ALL Played YOUR PARTS so good it is amazing I ever seen my way OUT of that CupCake Wino Wine Bottle '


Church of The www.holycupcake.org

You ARE Angels for saving my "ME"

Like WHO has a Plastic Surgeon for his damn ASS

Night ALL

Hey check me and my Income OPP # 0.01-7 A out and grab something or join my NEW Familial as WE as Humans are all OnE BiG Great Familial as wee need to save ourselves so check me out anyways Thank YOU


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