34 Months Back From The Wildernesses Of The World

How many times was I written off? in the 37 months of "the troubles" that I needed to endure to arrive here and even during the 34 months back from "the trouble" I would be inflicted with the wound from the bowels of hell

It would knock me down for 9 months of the 34 in whch I was given a second life, and I am losing my life fast right now.

Now as I struggle for life itself and for all that maybe I once took for "granted" (NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR "GRANTED" AS LIFE IS A GIFT)

And I am struggling and I / We are / am so very blessed (see blessings files)

I was given three - six months to survive on my own after getting "Over Institutionalized" by the keepers of the Game, the ones that we are sport for as they laugh at us struggling and selling our lives to eat sh*t foods that they give us (10,000 products in my food store not even a fraction are healthy) and we sell (well you sell) your E=L.F. = Energy = Life Force (all you have for a frozen, processed meal of chemicals) we can't even pronounce for the most parts

See the section (E=L.F.) Energy = Life Force and the big swap (in fact the trade of your life for S.H.I.T. for foods)

34 months after 37 months away (and I had to surrender all my possessions) in the first 30 days everything (and I was told everything I owned was trashed) as they experimented upon me as a pet in a kennel would be

Hey J Fowler the A&D session I told you as a friend when you took me out for my birthday on February 4, in 2017 when I said they did this test in a crowded Italian Cafe amongst my friends you blurt out "They never should do that test on "psychotic" hen when asked about the test you don't know shit abut iit at all as a psychologist" but you had to use the occasion to hurt me you JERK OFF

This dude sucks money from the Alberta Health Care Services AHS and is a damn dangerous drunk that drinks and drives and then counsels drunks on getting sober, so a drunk with 4 D UI's a suspension gets paid as a psychologist to help others with the disease he has no control over in his own life. Don't worry he bullied me as a kid and payback is only beginning when I SAY SO

Thsi is not even the start of it:

I am a winner Fowler your dad was a drunk you followed the crumbs he left you

Least my dad didn't drag his death out as he as you referred to your own dad "He Has Been Made Redundant" he was a family court drunk judge

37 months of horrors that "[[THEY]]'' (NEEDED) to run me through to "TEST" their programming on me (IT WORKS)

Let me assure you of that IT WORKS

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