37 Days To Go In The Ride Home To 7 Years Of My Sobriety

think it is impressive 7 years = its 2,556 days or 84 months it even seems like a "long time" but when you get "trapped" in places / situations that you see no way out of it becomes even longer \ it was a brief 90 in the 1st phase <mecca> of Asylums the UofA (4G2) -- and the 2nd phase sorta "blind sided" be as I just didn't see it coming nor could I / should I have seen it coming as it did as on Sept 4, 2013 the first phase began and by Sept 17, 2013 I was informed "all of my life" was trashed by the gentleman in charge of the rental that I had resided in what was just 13 days before

All I had was John Lennon's tune "imagine" playing in my head with the verse "Imagine no possessions? imagine if you can (NOTHING)

Then a tune by Morphine called Scratch, (as in starting from Scratch) arrived in that first 90 in Mecca

Hey it gets better, I much NEEDED all the lessons I was Granted unto in this last 2,556 days as I learned so much about mankind and I still at

January 9, 2020 am SOBER"

I RECEIVED TWO hugs today

and have a bit of food in my ice box, a box or 3 of KD a box of rice

Need a 100pk of Stevia *pks* at $11.39 at Save On its my adventure for this afternoon as its -20c in Edmonton Alberta Canada

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