69 Days At 60 Years Old And I Feel Like I Have Been Re-Born

Wow what a trip as in only 69 brief days I seemed to have been healed from the inside out and the outside in as everything is healing (and fast at that)

I am now a share holder in a company where my adventure began as this took some 7 years 7 months and 10 days from when I left my home to have a meeting with management to being here today and it has been a wild ride as I have seen and lived things and in places that could have been harmful to my health ~~ I was very lucky in so many, many ways

I am in school now, well sort of as I am studying Coding as I am terrribly stressed over coming 65 in just 4 years, 9 months and 21 days

I pushed for help with my education and it didn't work this time as everyone walked away and pretty much said "you want this?. You find The Way to Fund it"

Well I did as I signed into a system called YNAB about three or four months ago and it has allowed me to get better control over the resources I receive (YNAB = You Need A Budget) a fee for service program that now that I invested in a full year up from is only $0.30 a day and this is needed and this should be in everyone's house, there is a book on it by the same name by the founder of YNAB that explains the physiology behind money and assets

I have been able to once again get out and walk again as The Mad Hatter and the response for my actions have once again blown me away as I seem to have a unique ability to make people smile

Well I am going to work on my appearance here on this blog more often than I have in the last fee weeks as I am making it a priority for me to be here 3-4x a week so I will see you all soon

If you want and can afford a few dollars to assist with my program you can hook up via interact e transfer and if you would and could send a few dollars if you see me and I make you smile as this all is a way of giving you something and you allowing me something

The email address for this transactions are lucien@madhatterexperience.com

Thank you all so much for stopping by to my small corner of the world

God Bless YOU ALL

Lucien aka / The Mad Hatter of the Experience

The Light

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