8:12pm Medicated Goo, And A Story of Personal Reflections

I started out thinking as I went to brush my now NON-Existent teeth due a "error" in Health Care System on me, and as of late I no longer know the man I see in the mirror as it actually scares me to the point I want to be locked up as a preventive measure as what did we do with ME in a very short 9 plus months (just 285 days) and what will the next 285 days bring forth as I

FALL deeper into a pain / med / pain / med - cycle that has a few ways off (and we don't even seem to have the humaneness to engage ourselves in dialogue on the issue - yah we all gloss it over

But YOU as a "Designed By Society Inc." did this TOO ME


Any ways the

Codeine 30mg

Tylenol 1,000mg

@ 8:09PM (next dose is 12:09am)

Are in so I am going to attempt to shut the hell up now


There I said it a word we don't know how to respond it is either way

But my blog is paid for and I am not gone yet or soon

I just felt like saying the word as it is a human condition and it scares the people behind [ The White Picket Fence ] as it causes a helpless basic human emotion

Was told by a good friend this week "go to the doctor and get some medicine" dude I have three let me count them

Hole 1 @ 9am/pm which as i write is 2.1 cm long

Hole 2 @ 11am / pm which is 6,5cm long (this one worries me)

Hole 3 @ 1am / pm which is 2 cm long

Medicine dude, you need to be kidding me

Unless you have shares in a drug company why would you say that


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