When I moved into the Penthouse on March 11, 2019 little was I or could I have been prepared to meet the DEAD 12 PEOPLE

It was 530pm when I arrived Hospital 

I hurt and was eating handfuls of Opiates to numb the pain for a HOLE In my Tailbone called the Coccyx 

The door to the Hospital Mortuary (the passage to the basement) was open unto me on one evening it  somewhat freaked me out as I could feel the insides of the elevator that moved the bodies of mankind from one level to the cellar 

The door was by the Emergency Room entrance and (well I guess the exit) also by the Emergency Medical Techs waiting area 

You could feel the cold the drop of the temperature was discernable (at least unto this schizoaffective disorder mankind) ME 

On 8 East one weekend we had a series of the DEAD PEOPLE to the count of 4 in just 2 plus days 

This is where I was starting to fear the reaper as even the Blue Oyster Cult song “Don’t Fear The Reaper’ was no longer funny AT ALL 

Military Style 

My first set up for my IV for the infection of the “Hole in my body” was done by a young nurse from India and she was not messing around as she got ahold of the IV PUMP and it was like she was going to not just stop the infection from killing me (as that is what it felt like it was doing as I was at level 9 pain for so long I was crying all the time) from pain in my tailbone a place where a horseshoe bundle of nerves gather and party to my little mind and my East Indian nurse on 8 EAST 

Was well she was NOT going to lose the war and she was as was the 8 EAST Team going to lose this war 


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