It is a limited edition we only get so much and then it's over

Time is our Greatest Asset

How much do we spend in "non retrievable" events like Social Media, Netflix, Cable TV we fall into a Social Media Vortex (wish this was my saying)

We come home from our jobs that stats say 50-54% of us don't like and they are consuming the only lives we will ever have here on this place we all are allowed to call our home [ Earth ] and then we plop ourselves down into our ladyboy's and grab a remote and the boxes come out and on

I was under a weather (UNWELL) today and yet I studied two programs I have been so blessed to have access to at this stage in my life

one one habits of the rich and the second on why we are being allowed to be poor (hint it was a very enriching few hours)

I decided that I finally would "wake up" as the life I have been living "sucks" and that it has become my fault and I need to change my ways of living

One of the programs said get a Mentor even if it only a book I have a few and am constantly looking to increase my MBA (Mentor Base Allowable) as I am soon the oldest kid on the play ground (and hey I am still enjoying the ride) and I do have a book by a USA Based Mental Health Challenge Professional Call Sheldon Kopp called ( Even a stone can be a teacher ) its old but worth the read if you want a lessons program [ Just guess I took it further for a very long time to read "even a (stoner) can be a teacher"

Audios (at the library's) Books (Library) hey I just found Kindle a bit ago and I love it and the (Library) also offers learning opportunities of all sorts as I am in a program on Producing a E Book

Today I designed a Morning Routine (MR) and a Bedtime Routine (BR) just need to hook up with Big Pharma for the bed if I can't "nail" it in the next 28 days (until I see my Mental Health Challenge Professional Doctor for a HIT of Risperidone 1mg) we did this hit on December 11, 2018 and it actually had my ass in bed at 9pm (pulled the Zyprexa and dropped it in we will see as I need to get it the right way (I was up at 4-5am and getting more done that I am now)

But this was supposed to be about time if i do recall i remember studying with Neville Goddard and he said to the effect of

You must stop spending your thoughts, your time and your money. Everything in life must be an investment.

Made sense then as it does now

You must stop spending your thoughts, your time and your money. Everything in life must be an investment

it is your energy that has kept this Mad Hatter Experience (dot) com event on the road since Sept 12, 2017 when I clicked BUY to start the Insanity that has ensued around Edmonton and since we went live on the web on July 16, 2019 around the planet as we now are in 21 countries and 134 cities in 1 year 27 day we have had 1,619 users flipping through my libraries of articles (who the hell am I kidding it is my writings) of 15, 615 pages an average of 4.41 pages a user / session

I am somewhat kind of all of this as it has brought a bit of something albeit (insanity) in the midst of a global pandemic to my hometown

and we pulled it off


and at WAR against a germ called COVID 19


So God Bless all of YOU ALL


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