A Horrible Illness -- Of The Mind

You can't see this one, no chemical testing can be done to fix it -- It is the worlds worst one,

I was a kid and I didn't know (wrong diagnosis for decades, from even brilliant Doctors couldn't save me ) I was a mess when I found out in 2013 that I was as sick as I actually was

It started out as Manic Depression, moved to - Rapid Cycling Bi-Polar II, then to Schizophrenia this took 30 plus years (some didn't last that long)

I was shut out of all forms of treatment but drug therapy from 1985 to 2019 when a courageous TEAM of Mental Health Experts said enough after i arrived on their door step with the Illness and a HOLE In MY coccyx / tailbone

The Lead Doctor said enough, of this and along with my Physical Health Experts it was March 6, 2019 only 6 months 12 days (or 196 days ago) only I would be rushed into a medical hospital bed in 5 days from March 6, 2019 and the LOVE would begin to envelope me I had zero chance of running away and hiding (still wanted to kill myself a few times), I was shown 12 dead bodies maybe so I would get a lesson in the 47 days in the hospital

I would end up needing to start a "PERSONAL WAR" against the HOLE in my body and this would occur on May 15, 2019 only 4 months 3 days or 126 days ago

The Holy Hole War is over (was over on August 21, 2019) my TEAM won it was just 28 days ago, I am "coming back from the dead" as the HOLY HOLE was discovered on October 15, 2018 and Healing Words came August 21, 2019, so I was in a survival state / war state (in level pain states between 7-9.5 for) 10 months 6 days (310 days) and it throws your life to hell as I wanted my pain / and therefore my life (yes I thought about it attempted 2x to stop living plus was talked out of suicide more times than I care to remember by AK37./38 and others)

It was a horrible period

YOU ALL saved my life, even finger guys (the middle finger as they drove by) saved my life as it made me want to try harder to make everyone happy as when YOU / ME take on a job with a job description of "Making Happy People"

YOU just do it, as YOU need to serve mankind and girls

And this is my life now a servant of humanity / mankind

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