A Hour Later and Pain Level= +5/6 = 410am

Edginess has been reduced --And it is pretty much the best I am "allowed" and at times this is why I question Health (pain management) Care in Alberta

On June 14, 2019 my Plastic Surgeon measured the wound (singular) and said it was just 2cm and that there was just one track, this went to July 10, 2019 when a trio of wounds were detected at 2cm @ 9am/pm, 2.2cm@ 1am./pm and 6cm @ 12am/pm to now at July 23, 2019 at 2.1cm @ 9am/pm, 2cm @ 1am/pm and 6.5cm @ 12am/pm

So then it becomes a situation of what measurements were wrong and one needs to somehow assume that my Plastic Surgeon should have a grasp on how to measure his own work. And one also needs to suspend belief and say that Home Care knows what they also are doing

Then again IAM a Schizophrenic (And Proud of Who IAM) and 1st class is not how we as a population "grouping" are treated by those (Trapped) inside [ The White Picket Fence ] what they didn't see nor count on was ME figuring out how to set up a crude blog and to talk "honestly" about Mental Health Challenges facing those suffering with major "Challenges" we as a sub category of humanity face daily

Were here and the Organizational Structure Of Reality of The Mentally Challenged is about to unfold before your eyes and senses:

Pain Level 4/5+

Sweet Tea time :-)

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