A Sort Of Homecoming

It’s going to be a very very amazing day here at the university hospital for the next month or so as I am getting my life back together again

Cant wait for the to begin at 715am when we get allowed to have access to (coffee)

the fuel of the Mad Hatter Experience

got to hope i can get my privelges increased to 30 minutes from 15 so i can get to the Health Science Library as I NEED A BOOK

so so I will be able to get my life together again

and I also want to get a Tee Shirt as I have nothing but the clothes on my back as I was

saved at my docries office and I didn’t see this incredible “‘intervention“ coming at all

That is the nature of the illness the patient is last to see it

i owe my Health Care Management Team(s) pretty much my life

t Teams that surround me finally in the last year

since my coccyx (tailbone) started sharing my health care data

yesterday the cardiology team that has been given to me for the first time in my life experience with my heart met with me and the cool thing about our fir meeting was the data from my Fitbit Charge 3 was look at

in 2 days october 11, I will have 11 years 10 months without a cigarette

and on the 15th of October I will have 80 months without a drink / alcohol and that is thanks to the EPS this move pretty much saved my life

Free Bird Lynerd Synerd just came up on my spotify app—this one is for Dr Lisa B at AHE who clipped my wings called me a Free Spirt then set my life free after a very l time ago

thank you Dr B

Damn I have had some incredible teachers since I was discovered in my unit 1301e

and i I gave up my last vice Alcohol 80 months ago coMing in 6 days

no average person does things this

then again i in I am NOT AVERAGE EVER AGAIN

yesterday i walked 16 miles on 15 minute passes



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