Access 24/ 7 -- You Woke Me Up --Oh Oh

There is a saying "let sleeping dogs lay" -- I this case Jeff you should have treated a HUMAN BEING suffering and Jeff that is what a victim of Mental Health Disorganization's in Alberta dealing with Schizophrenia actual still is a HUMAN BEING

But you need to play you misquote insect games to make yoursefl the bigger EGO in th room, next to Holly who also had to attempt to screw with me tonight after i supplied the body for an

"Injection Ritual" of Abilify Maintena (Aripiprazole for prolonged release injectable suspension)

Keep in mind I am not under a C.T.O, (Community Treatment Order) and that I saw /see some of the risks (side effects as a direct result of said treatment)

It was the same with the Injection of the "Invega Sustenna" (Paliperidone) that I underwent treatment of once again for "(MY)" Schitizophrenia between September 10, 2018 and until July 18, 2018 as a somewhat free HUMAN BEING (a slave, a pet) but Jeffery and Holly never "livestock" as yourself as I have been given a very special and unique place in the short history of mankind--taht of the obeserved and the observed at the same hie time and I see the stress that a

Call Center Representitive can face dealing with those with both "Less & More" at the same time, as Jeff & Holly you have resorted to bully tactics (and I actually don't care if you broke a law, a rule or what ever misgided landmark you internal compasses work on

But Jeff & Holly what you did by picking on a Schitzophenic with balls and a blog is to make your entire TEAM look like sh*t and I have had talks with a few of them and knwo that they are very kind, and caring people

What happened Jeffry and Holly to cause you to fall to the "other side" stress, substance abuse, divorce, what as I know you were not born bullies

I was told by Holly and thenby you Jeffery sir to contact my care TEAM (here is a new word in health care everyone is on a TEAM)

The reason I called Access 24/7 at 530pm was I was having side effects from the new injection of the Abilify Maintena which was only started afew hours before at 1130am (6 hours before my call) and I know that (hope that) you are not stupid as YOU Know my TEAM shuts down at 430pm

So I got side effects and now I begin to get a shot of the Parinonia that I sometimes get that MY TEAM is poisoning me

You two have no clue as to what you made me have to go through as a HUMAN BEING suffering with Schizophrenia (and if you think I am not suffering you should walk a day in my shoes -- If you could even keep up as YOU Jeffry even needed to through a jab in at the GIFT that this incredible City of Champions along with the City Fathers and everyone else "allows" me to do as often as I still can (I walked 5.82 miles and made a few people happier )

What you actually do Jeff & Holly

And it has been diminished due to the pain (don't bring that up here -- Right Guys as we don't deal with C.M.&C.M. CASES as there new and we never heard of it and YOU at ACCESS 24/7 can't wrap your heads around "Complex Medical & Complex Mental" Cases and I as a schizophrenic can't just call up and make up that you (ME) have actual PAIN from wounds 2.1cm,2,2cm and a 6,5cm sinus tract wound

You schizophrenics all cheat and makeup crap (hey Jeff & Holly) I meet with Plastics on the 21st and my wound doctors team on Sept 16 (but Jeff & Holly) I have been fooling everybody for the last 10 plus months had my damn ass cut up like a butterball turkey at Christmas eve (but I need a bit of compassion tonight and a few answers as the NEW DRUG had some weird side effects, but nah

But to bad Lucien and Jeff you also said "call us after your overdose" (might be to late) but then it saves Jeff & Holly and their TEAM from dealing with a C.M.&C.M. now wouldn't it and even if I was saved its only a trip to the ER maybe a stay in ICU or a mental health unit (but Lucien deserves that right as you were to busy to be helpful and it is liike you weren't getting paid enough either (so kill off a few mental clients and the budget increases --NOW that is sick)

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' ((Edmund Burke, Freemason))

I wrote this as I burned my dinner so thee next person by would do better than me In standing up against bullies and for a 12 year old friend Montana who killed herself on my birthday in 2014 as a result of a bully

Stand firm as we are better than a bully or two

RIP Montana

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