Acid Rock And The Big Brown Paper Bag Lunch Experiment

Day 70 of the 60th Year of My Birth and Today I am Excited as I can see clearly now that I am going to make all things magical as the Gifts that God ( Source Energy ) has instilled in me and in you is a incredible power when we learn to use if for the world we serve in as I am always listening to music as I have NO TV < Yes NO TV > or Bananas (we do NOT have the fruit of my liking as I forgot or they were green last time I was at the shoppe

I began an Experiment upon Myself on April 6, 2021 and it will conclude on October 6, 2021 some 183 daze (it is in logical terms 6 months exactly)

Today is Ex~~009 of The 183 to follow

I am going to publish the text of the 183 days in full except for the names of the people who arrive all the time as this Experiment of The Mad Hatter Experience is the L.S.D. Experiment and I am the main subject in the hallucination of my little mind as it gets into all sorts of trouble and solves the riddles we have always asked but never actually needed or required an answer or solution too

I now running myself as a part of the human drama that is living all around us as I need my Alice back and maybe if I could afford to pay for her time she spends on this blog she may, or she may NOT come back to play in "Wonderland"

If you want to support bring Alice back here then is a ebook plus bonuses \

Curiouser and curiouser! 101 Famous Quotes from Alice in Wonderland. New illustrations.

Alice in Wonderland Quotes 'We're all mad here' - Cheshire Cat. Amuse your friends, spice up chat!

101 Famous Quotes From Alice In Wonderland

101 Intriguing And Funny Quotes And Conversations From Alice's Adventures In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass. Original Stories And An Extra Chapter Are Included. One Of The Largest Collections Available In One Book. Includes 3 Free Bonuses.

The link is

Thank you in advance for your support I have not needed assistance running this drama of The Mad Hatter Experience but now at 60 years young I am finding some things more difficult

And maybe you have children that like to color as I hear that a bonus is a coloring book as I am back coloring myself again as a few people expressed their liking of my first three pieces of Art which I am planning to sell as NFT's down the road along with some images of The Mad Hatter myself

Thank you all and now I must go eat my lunch from the Big Brown Paper Bag containing my "Lunch"

Whats you having leave a comment please

Lucien / aka The Mad Hatter Experience

The Light

God Bless ALL of YOU

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