After 37 Months In YOUR ZOO -- I Get 34 Free --Well Sorta Free

Less the 10 months of the WOUND / HOLE(s) that have altered who I am in very dramatic ways as I no longer know who, what I am and nor does anyone around me remember how fun I was before I just went and signed up to GET SICK with the Holy / Hole Class of which I am failing most miserably at as I tried so hard and fell so fast

The Zoo in which you all raised me for that first 37 consisted of keep in mind I was on my own from 1978--2013 when you captured me for YOUR AMUSEMENT (funny eh?)

1) The Asylum at the UofA (4G2) for 90 days (3 months)

during this stay between September 4, 2013 and December 4, 2013 I was informed all my worldly goods (EVERYTHING) from my Library, 1500 books, LP collection 1100 units Cd collection 850 units, along with all the family photos, films, ornaments, moms ashes, furniture was all trashed (all I had in my head for months after this as it was confirmed on September 17, 2013... was the song by John Lennon (Imagine) and I had to imagine "No Possessions") Thank You Sam and John and Karen as this was an in hindsight a most incredible valuable lesson as we don''t get to cross over with ANYTHING at all and I am finding a certain calm knowing this today

All that we sell our very life here on earth for is but dust and a illusion as we are Energy and we are forever as for the damn sh*t we sell our lives for is just crap *all of it*

And if for no reason other that being introduced to Karen an Angel straight from the Gods who seemingly arrived to allow me to learn about LOVE not just of her and hell that part was the easy part, but also of her Son Jacob (whom I would never meet) but also the community in and around the hospital area

Then she had to PUSH ME and she got me to LOVE ME crazy Angels as what else can I say about her

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