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April 11, 2022:~ Wooo I Came Back ~ No Shit Got To The Gate And The Dude's There Said ?

Go back as there still is a part of the planet to save and I tried to debate with John, George, Ringo & Paul and after a few JOINTS well I lost my place in mind / line and ended back here on this silly orb spinning endlessly around the HOT ONE so I guess my gig as Political Activist has once again begun as I actually used that as a argument and the truth is that they laughed when I said that there were a bunch more than there were in 1987 that was the period I would be dead as all those around me scattered away when I said what I was planning to do, as they would have rather had a hoot and / or a beer or whatever with me and to a point so would I have however I would continue the weeds n' wine ( only now there was a lot more for me )

The day, -- I noticed that I am getting shorted on Calories as I am supposed to get 6 cans of ensure plus at 355 Calories this is as a direct result of THEM HAVING MY TEETH YANKED OUT WITH ZERO FREEZING --- now I am getting regular cans at 235 Calories a can and I also get 6 cans

Math Time

Ensure Plus 355 x 6 = 2,130 Calories

Regular 235 x 6 = 1,410 Calories

-- 720 Calories a day short x 7 days = 5,040 Calories a WEEK

No DOCTOR CHANGE on this only the Drugstore saying that they can no longer get the Ensure Plus ( ya Right ) ~~

I am OLD and therefore ? Think about it as I have little to lose --

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