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April 12, 2022:~ It Has Been A Wild n' Weird Morning Of AWOKE Consciousness ( I was not a sleeping.)


I hope ya all were as you gather your shit to go and work for the man in an insane wonderful fucken world that we occupy only for a brief few seconds and if ya get seriously lucky as I remember a man I knew really well and his life was cut short at 45 short fucken years and I met this man right at the beginning of this journey as this crazy SOB was my DADDY and I was allowed to learn and study at the school I was allowed all by myself less the hired help pretty much every summer after I said " I WANT " -- well he sure as shit showed my little kid ass what work was --- and the stories damn he went way to soon and I was angry with everything, everyone, and yes even the one God I was raised with as it seemed so damn screwed up ... still does even some 47 years, 1 month and 24 days later he has been dead longer than he was even allowed to live -- but he did more shit in the few years I was allowed to know my dad than most damn humans that live to 80 year old as a role model ( well maybe not -- well you needed to be there )

And I WAS THERE --- and it was so fucken fast the wind would knock you out, and I am now PURPOSE DRIVEN on a FEW ACCOUNTS

See the door in the eye on the ( well fuck it is on one side and if you need a map get a map ) you see it -- right

That is the door to a place few are ever going to go --- fewer yet that harm another human being or small animal

And I am probably not going, but are you?

Weird shit as I am a sinner and I always get caught as the father sees everything and all things just as my daddy did and still some of the shit I was allowed to be let off on would twist a nail , as the man was no Saint ( but weekly I always saw his ass in a pew next to

mine ) and I mean we went to Mass weekly ( it was like a religious experience ) oh I forgot that it was, I was dressed in my mini suit, shined shoes, hair cut the damn day before ya I had to have a weekly hair cut,

Why? Well there are things we are allowed to know and then for my dad there was MASS

I never needed to know ever and then one fucken damn bitch of a cold February night around 1130pm at 44 Gresham Blvd. in St Albert Alberta Canada.. I lost the chance too ever ask or know the answer of the weekly haircut forever as The Good Lord needed some work done fucken badly and my daddy was gone to see the LORD in Heaven that damn night right on my little sister damn birthday ( SHIT GOD YOU DID THIS WHY ?) and I have been waiting what 47 years, 1 month and 24 long days and nights

Like what the


And I never told anyone this before so count yourselves lucky to be a first at more than just being born

I have always wondered even how to wish my kid sister who was only 12 years young on this fateful night

Oh GOD why ?

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