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April 14, 2022:~ Good Morning World ~ Flashback To Yesterday & The 4.4 Km I Walked ~

Yesterday as I attempted to reorganize my life and world that I am ALLOWED to occupy as a result of a 5 day binge on the ONLY Type of Drugs I once again I re experienced that I should never ever do ( as these 3 letters are REAL = OUD = Opiate Use Disorder ) ya when you get caught in hell and it takes you 25 years ( ya 25 years ) from March 15, 1985 to November 9, 2010 to get FREE from OPIATES and then YOU PRETTY Much beg an plead with a doctor who wants to help to allow you to try again, ( this is was the stupidest THING event whatever it can be called )

" I EVER DID " -- I know these 3 letters, and the system is screwed as my doctor had made the referral for a PAIN CLINIC in Edmonton ALBERTA Canada .. This is Where we have as a Province lost 1700 people ( likely most poor, young ) from drug overdoses an in 2021 -- January 2022 it was 160 dead humans .. ALBERTANS

And I called ~ The AHS ( Alberta Health Services Chronic Pain Specialists ) and I was told that the wait list was to be between 18 to 24 months, YUP and I have a issue as in a long, long 5 (short) days of just 6 Percecet Pharmacy Pills OPIATES A DAY -- I had 4--5 Overdoses a few 2-3 That The Emergency Services had to be called out, and the other 2- 3 that I was EXTREMELY BLESSED & VERY, VERY LUCKY....

This began on April 6, 2022 and concluded on ---- April 11, 2022 and I did NOT even know this data ( as I thought it started on April 4, 2022 and I was even WRONG on that ) as it is so fuken weird that it nailed my ass that fast as I am now MOTIVATED to work with The Governments in This City, This Province and This Country ( and then BRAG to the 52 Countries and 459 Cities ) that my silly little dream ( BLOG ) that has been ALLOWED to be seen in and I have -- had only $ 350 of Government Funding City of Edmonton ( remembering I live on under $ 20,000 ) for everything ( and I think I live VERY WELL ) as what do I / we actually need?

I was ALLOWED to Invest a few dollars in my community and a banana ( not kidding and I only had but one as I thought the work day was over for The Mad Hatter Experience of The Earth Revolution -- always another HUMAN BEING in The PATH My Holy Father Leads Me On ( and I actually could of used 6 more, that is assuming I was going to be allowed 1 for myself ... ) but you never know as God Work is NEVER OVER

I had a former mentor and landlord who broke it down and I have used this as my template --- I do not need much else personally -- but the tech is pricey and so is education as I am in a Coding Course on-line that helps keep my mind from falling into even worse decay and after a period of 1983 --- 2016 with massive ( doses of Opiates 1985 -2010) and mental medicine 1983 -- 2016 when my Incredible Mental Health Doctors ( I have between 2016 and now --experienced 2 and 1 was for a year as I was a naughty boy and needed some discipline ) I was allowed that and it really assisted and I was always very grateful for that EXPERIENCE

I have had a decent and luxurious breakfast of 500 GR of Krema Yogurt as it was on Sale $3.99 at the Save-On-Foods Store that I am allowed in ( even with all the crap I actually pull I remember once that they moved a BULK Candy bin display up by the drugstore / cashiers and I decided to buy a few candies at a time ( 5-10 ) and I would have them each run through the till one by one in Protest ) ( then one day this MOUNTAIN of a DUDE got behind me in line and once he actually realized what the hell I was doing, well he was a very unhappy dude lol ) okay it was stupid but so would have writing letters to Jimmy have been stupid and even more wasteful ( and costly ) the TEAM ( managers some times would stand behind the till and then ask me if I wanted a Carry Out lol -- we had a little bit of fun and I didn't solve any major world issues but the candies went over well on the streets on my city )

Okay now I need to find a sock, and go across the alley to see the Doctor or someone as I just broke out into a wild sweat and pocking keys is not that strenuous

Be Good, and Smile as it will effect your day if it effects no one else -- and I know that YOU have a few more teeth still that I do ... so it looks good to too and remember to FLOSS

Flashback to Frank Zappa and Montana ( and raising a crop of Dental Floss ) lol I love this dude .. it still blows my screwed up little enlarged mind

God Bless

April 2022

Lucien The Light II

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