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April 16, 2022:~Introducing The Chicken Bird (dot) Org Digital Asset Group - 2nd Mascot

Today I have been once bullied by the Crisis Line system we have in Alberta ( all night as it is 740PM )

BTW the artwork in this a a bunch of the posts is a part of the Collection of The Chicken Bird Digital Asset Management DAO ( which I am looking for techies, and investors ) we are looking at investing in Real Estate, NFT, Crypto and other various other Digital Assets -- You can get involved with a single dollar as soon as we get the software for the BLOCKCHAIN DAO up and running ( the Goal is to get this all running so even the poorest can take part in the Digital Revolution --

and this BS has been happening since 12 mid-night and it seems that I touched a nerve with my last few posts as it has just been odd -- had a great gift from a man that never gave a name buy me my daily (baby burger ) that Santana made happen along with a small DD , then I was ALLOWED to have a photo opp with a Birthday Girl and a few of her friends, at the Legion i was paid in Cupcakes ( well one ) as I only had a single hard as I was getting a tub of Yogurt Krema $ 3.99 and I bought a box of Dates ( this is a drug for me ) and I have designed a way to eat them with ZERO TEETH - ( See other posts for this as this is not never supposed to occur " But I actually believes it will for a purpose in Gods ideas "

This is my other new piece in today -- why I liked it

Have a great day

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