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April 19, 2022:~ 44

You all had --- 44 YEARS ------ to help a kid that was Raped, Brutalized, Traumatized, Terrorized, Victimized, Stolen from when I arrived from the Town of St Albert in 1978 some --- 44 Years Ago ----- Now it is way to as the Planet is in near collapse, Your Economic System is Helping the Rich while the masses are beginning to suffer and a bunch of you think this will be fixed, the Middle Class is Rapidly Becoming Extinct ( with the Next Election ) when in deed YOUR VOTE DON'T MEAN ANYTHING AT ALL

Weird shit this year eh?

Corona Mutates again, into B A2

Inflation hits 8.5%

Fed Raises Cost of YOUR Debt / Your Mort-age by 0.5% Which will drive some homeowners to SELL and Good News Blackrock is BUYING YOUR HOUSE and YOU CAN NOW RENT IT From a Hedge Fund ( of course it will likely cost you more but hey BlackRock did Not Grow to a 10,000,000,000 ( yup 10 Trillion AUM = Assets Under Management ) by being nice guys

The War in the Ukraine begins on February 24, 2022 and if YOU THINK ---Putin -- ONLY WANT the Ukraine Space ( you dream strange dreams) as Le Pen in is showing she favors Putin in France and The Donald in the USA seems favored in 2024

But hey what do I know eh?

Well it took 44 years for me to be BARRED from MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES that the Alberta Government Runs

Hey I also grew at 44 Gresham Blvd St Albert

And Climate change is getting to the POINT that it is way to late to do shit as the will of the people is not flowing up to our Leaders

You could have offered me counselling and maybe a bit of Kindness, Compassion, Love and Mercy

You could have showed me a wee bit of Empathy -- Tenderness, Understanding

Then again YOU NEVER MADE THE EFFORT ( And It Might Have Cost A Few Minutes )

What occurs when The ---- LIGHT - Goes Out As Mine will soon be doing as I did the and IT DOES NOT COME BACK ON THIS TIME

Would it really taken that much to know a LIGHT MAN

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