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April 19, 2022:~ I QUIT ~ As When You Bully Me It Gives Me The Right To Die Card = I AM Leaving

I do not need this shit no more as I was bullied in my Home Town for the finally few years of Elementary School -- And Now I AM Just ENDING THIS SHIT Right NOW as this shit has been going on for a few months VERY HARD CORE By Government Of Alberta Employees ( ya this is YOUR TAX MONEY Being Spent to Outright KILL A REAL HUMAN BEING

Why not as This Government IS RESPONSIBLE for The Killing Of Many, As Covid 19 showed up in Alberta ... I AM THE MAD HATTER EXPERIENCE .... and I am NOW Thinking that the Current Alberta Government of The UCP as it was the PC in the 1987's when I some what embarrassed the Minister of The Workers Compensation Board at the Time The Honorable Jim Denning did the right thing at shut the WCB Rehab Center on The South Side of Alberta down

So now I get to DEAL with a Mental Health STIGMA I also get to Deal With Bullies working for the AHS ( funded by the TAXPAYER MONEY ) Controlled By The UCP Party Via the Health Portfolio a what did I do wrong ( what? ) ~~ And this stuff has been going on for a very, very long period of time

I need a friend that can pull me back from the area as I am now taking on Bullies in Mental Health ( that seem at least tonight in both Edmonton at Access 24 / 7 =

780-424-2424 and in Calgary 1-877-303-2642 as this is not NORMAL ) and why am I being TARGETED as I have done NOTHING at ALL But Lived a LONG LIFE as this has been a very long , long adventure beginning in 1983 after I was drunk and a wee bit HIGH and I slapped my little sister twice and I asked for some help

Little did I know that those two slaps would forfeit my entire life - this is stuff HUMANS do NOT SEE as what the hell was this about as a two slaps would cost more than a Murder as it has now been 39 long, long year

Which left me with a FUCKED UP Mind and Brain, and Body, and ZERO TEETH as they were FORCIBLY REMOVED on June 22, 2016 WITH ZERO FREEZING and why I say FORCIBLY REMOVED is because I had to see a Doctor Thacker who was in the employ of AHS Mental Health & Addictions and if I refused to see him I was threatened with Homelessness ( for the reason of NOT LISTENING TO A PERSON Running a Group Home ) and being paid by the ALL POWERFUL STATE / PROVINCE ......

But Doctor Thacker Combined with Char ( a Social Worker ) I also had to see, who would relay everything that went on my SUPPOSED PRIVATE Psychiatry Sessions ( I was NOT Entitled to ANY PRIVACY as it was / is like I am a Sub-Human Piece of Property

MEAT that they could USE & ABUSE as they saw FIT as I also REQUIRED TO GIVE BLOOD Two to Three Times a Week For no APPARENT REASON as Since I was ALLOWED TO COME BACK TO CIVILIZATION I Gave Blood maybe I have maybe given blood maybe ( THREE to FIVE ) TIMES

This was also, due to the FACT that I was SO DAMN FUCKED UP ON DRUGS by Dr Tacker that was Forcibly was made to TAKE if I wanted a roof over my head I was no longer able to PISS INTO THE BOWL and Why I was Immobile to get up and OUT of the damn DENTIST Chair while I WAS ORALLY RAPED ( HAD MY TEETH YANKED ALL OUT ) in a single session WITH ZERO FREEZING to reduce the PAIN and YES THERE WAS FUCKEN PAIN -- And BLOOD --- Lots Of It and Pain Yes It Hurt

But it was not this event in 1983 however but the actual EVENT when I became a WHISTLE BLOWER against the arm of the Alberta Government at the Time in 1987 ( I was however being fed Chemicals from 1983 to 1985 when I was in a workplace accident in a food warehouse stocking the Real Canadian Superstore that was just in the process of being designed and built up in Western Canada this was a Low back Injury one that my spine is still curved from March 15, 1985,

But do not worry about me as the Billionaires that are Meeting at DAVOS May 22, 2022 will be talking an planning the way to eliminate some FOUR BILLION of YOU as There Is No Longer Enough 1) Space and 2) Food for the amount of People that wil remain after I DEPART and I have been ATTEMPTING TO WARN YOU ALL since 1987 when I started to see the early SIGNS of the Damn Mess Humanity had placed itself into ---

But between the two of us that attempted to WAKE People up to the FACTS Mr Bill Williams who was pressured and stressed so damn much that one day he to said FUCK IT and he went HOME and KILLED HIS WIFE, Called His Daughter Over Killed Her Burned hIs Investment Portfolio then he KILLED Himself ( all for making the Province of Alberta a Better place for the Workers )

And me well Chemicals are amazing shit as they pretty much FORCED Me if I WANTED MY LIMITED FREEDOM to remain and the Chemicals and Nero Linguistic Programs made me EXACTLY what they wanted me to become so I have no damn idea as to who got the better deal of the two of us ( three dead on his side, and me made crazy and lost my sister and my three incredible nieces ) once again a wee bit of programming and all was all taken from me ( ALL OF THE PEOPLE THAT MATTERED TO ME AS THAT WAS ALL I WAS ALLOWED FOR A SIMPLE FAMILY AFTER MY MY PARENTS WERE DESTROYED IN ST ALBERT by the Group That Owned the TOWN I WAS RAISED IN

Every read a book ( it is pretty common called the Christian Bible ) it says that once the LIGHT passes IIt will be a 1000 years of HELL ON EARTH so I am sorry

But I Really Attempted TOO Tell You And Warn You Of what was about to occur when I ENDED MY LIFE

Well a bit later today is the DAY that YOU FUCKEN PRAYED would never occur

So NOW I AM SORRY as there is soon very little that YOU ALL WILL BE ABLE TO DO

And I am TOTALLY FUCKEN SAD, Angry, Pissed at a few of the Human Pieces I was allowed to see while I was able to exist

And I was ( at first glance ) A HUMAN BEING

That Society Abused, Tortured, Ridiculed and Tormented

I was shown VERY LITTLE KINDNESS ( But I am Very Grateful for the Little I was ALLOWED )

A few EMS Workers, a few Doctors in the ER yesterday, a Nurse McKenzie in The ER and I am grateful that you ALL NEVER DROVE A STICK INTO MY BRAIN YESTERDAY IN THE ER Yesterday


Sorry I was not able to write the BOOK I TRIED TO WRITE

I needed a new Laptop again -- What Ever at Least it was NOT HUNTER BIDEN'S LAPTOP < grin>

Signing this post off now as I have a level 9 pain rigght now

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