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April 19, 2022:~ The ATTACKS Heat Up ~ As Now The Suicide Lines In Alberta Cut Me Off

So that they who are Societies last chance for me and many others have CUT ME OFF 100% as I said that the Supervisors are The Bosses of WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES, yesterday I was in a ER after a Overdose -- and I was TREATED LIKE A HUMAN BEING from the get go from the POLICE & EMS even though I seem to have been " REMOVED" 100% from ACCESS 24 / 7 phone = 780-424-2424 Bosses = Megan & Carolyn are the

" Bosses " where the heat is falling likely from The Associate Minister of Mental Health & Addictions -- The Hon Mike Ellis ( who I would LOVE to have a chat with before I end up DEAD ) as I have done very little wrong in the Last Few Years ( since I was " ALLOWED " back into Civilization ) after being an OUT CASTE for THREE PLUS YEARS for the reason of having a MENTAL ILLNESS -- Punishment for getting SICK in Alberta -- Hey I even LOST EVERY TOOTH IN MY MOUTH - With ZERO FREEZING for being a SUB-HUMAN in ALBERTA --- NICE JOB GUYS

I am 61 Years Old and I see my DEATH ON A VERY CLOSE HORIZON

In fact I think I AM READY NOW

Too be continued soon ( if I get the opportunity )

Thank You All ( For Saving The LIGHT ) Lucien The Light II Faciote

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