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April 20, 2022:~ Bullies Again At AHS Mental Health & Addictions ~

This starts with a 35 minute period on HOLD ~ Followed By Gathering the Alberta Health Care Number of Mine and then followed by (( ALEX )) Pushing Confrontational Questions at me -- twisting words around from a " bad day to suicidal day " and then she told me not to put words in her mouth as the have been leading me around of -- I also corrected her when she kept saying " I can't hear you " as I said " This is English " to talk to bullies they can be reached at 1-877-303-2642 -- I called back and got the Supervisor " Traylene " and this took just 6 minutes ( I was in no more sad mood ) as I am a HUMAN BEING and I have feelings of being ( USED ) Drugged, Abused, Tortured, Manipulated, and I have had a Mouth of Teeth Removed from My Mouth while DRUGGED OUT OF MY MIND & BODY and They USED ZERO FREEZING ( and this was not FUN & It HURT ) and BLED ( lots )

This has been going on around me since 1983 a very dam long time ago and then it makes me wonder how bad my

Dear Mom was also TREATED in THEIR NURSING HOME PLACES like the last one she was moved to in her final few months where they knew would be harder for me to get access to .. and then she was gone -just as fast as this

The Game is that they MAKE the RULES and I was Just 807pm Reminded to call 911 if I needed to talk as my calls were gone for the day

She obviously has no idea as a Nurse what occurs when a 911 Call is triggered as you tie up POLICE / EMS / and FIRE but she doesn't care as them taking 20 minutes to talk to a Mental Patient that AHS Created Between 1983 and today ( as they messed up my Brain / Mind and even My Body ) but the nature of their line is to Talk to us so called Sub-Human Mental Patients that ( in my case they created ) instead of tying up EIGHT Emergency People Plus a Call Center as THEIR 20 Minutes for ONE Person is way to Valuable

Okay I never intended to be ALIVE at this AGE of 61 ( this is OLD as my Dad passed at 45 so it is OLD )

They are the Last Line of Defense in Saving My Life at Times as I will not call 911 and I have been re-routed via the City of Edmonton Police Department a few times to EMS

This is NOT MY INTENT as I walked 4 KM today as I have a JOB working for GOD as he see's the troubles HUMANITY is Facing ( Pandemic , WAR , Climate Change ) to begin to list few

I am just here to ATTEMPT TO MAKE a single person SMILE and I had TWO People Smiling from My PLAY before I left my Home at my INSURANCE Company at work for them

I could barely move yesterday it was damn HORRIBLE -- I was planning to end this shit but my MLA said that she cared on line yesterday - and that is what I needed just ONE Person to care ( Just One )

Then I was able to enter a contest at the Insurance Group for $ 500 ( which would blow my MIND away ) IN A GOOD WAY

Then I said screw it and decided to TRY to Go To Work for GOD and Make my Quota of ONE HAPPY PERSON while I wore the SILLY GREEN HAT ( It worked ) even without my RX Sunglasses which I was sure I had lost ( so off i went ) and it was a very long walk as I no longer walk like I used to

Well I am OLD ( 61 )


IAM Lucien The Light II

April 2022

Oh I found my RX Sunglasses after another 30 minutes when I returned HOME

Thank YOU ALL for YOU VERY Generous Offers and Prayers everywhere I stopped

God Bless Humanity

May There Be Peace On Earth

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