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April 21, 2022:~ The Fact That I Have Been Reduced To But A Single Call Is A Mess

And This Morning I was once again Abused and The Lady = LING = Dragged My Dear Mom Into This storm and she KNOWS My MOM is / Was Ukrainian and that I Have Relatives in The Ukraine

And all of people that work At Access 24 / 7 have heard about some of the wierd shit that I have seen in the long and painful 18 years that i was able to Viist My Mom as Often as was an. And then = LING = says " and who would want to be your mom, looked what she raised " i hung up at this stage as they have a Provincially A GOD Given Right to SAY ANYTHING ABOUT ME & MY FAMILY --- And I wonder how they actual got a JOB Working with The Minority and Vulnerable Human Beings Yup Actual PEOPLE, whose CRIME WAS JUST GETTING UNWELL as LING has with me

And being PAID By YOU THE TAXPAYERS of EDMONTON, Alberta & Canada and for this I am GRATEFUL so Thank You All of YOU some 39,000,000 = 39 Million of YOU ALL

And you gave me extra time with my Mom that I never had with my Dad when I lost him a few hours after he wished my litte Sister a Happen this when I and a few of my TRAUMAS occurred ... and I am still very sorry for letting " my " People DOWN = SORRY

The next call to the LINE Jessica answered and we got into it very hard an fast and she then started in at call -- 911 ---- Makes no sense to anyone as a 20 to 30 minute call ould do and she i adement about who I was SUPPOSED TO CALL

And then I said that she will " get fired like this " she said -- Good luck as I have a Union and I can do this, and anything we want-- she said --- This is the only time I was actually not a happy man about UNIONS -

So society pays them and then once hired they can DO WHAT EVER THE HELL They want to the Trusting People that they are placed there to help

I am in so very much pain just to not take my life as The Mad Hatter Experience,, However, I guess I still have way more Catholic in m than I lost - So Thanks To MY POPE Francis

And the Dialogue went as this " I had ro attempt to Call The ACCESS 24 / 7 Line Back as what she did was hang up on me after 2 to 3 minutes at 12 midnight to 1203am And this was MY ONE SINGLE CALL as the Abuse, Victimization and Stress that was Dumped on me with in a very fast 2 to 3 MINUTES and The NEW Thing HURTS and sparks me off as I was also told to once again ( Call 911 ) I will rather SUFFER IN PAIN AND SILENCE brought on BY The POWER IN PARTY -- The UCP who started this up in 1983 Via The WCB = Workers Compensation Board of Alberta

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