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April 21, 2022:~ This Was A Better Day, Yes IAM In F'n Horrible Pain Again / Still But BETTER STILL

Today ( KINDNESS ) Reached Out and showed me THE LIGHT as this last few ( whiles) has been hardcore as this has been a better day than I have had a GREAT DAY as I am finally being ALLOWED to be seen by a PAIN SPECIALIST finally I found HOPE as it was LOST and when YOU HAVE LOST HOPE ( what do you have LEFT ) Not A LOT AT ALL and for the past few YEARS ( NOT MONTHS / WEEKS ) But ACTUAL YEARS

If this wasn't for everyone including all the people that seemed to HAVE DONE ME WRONG -- I Learned From You Much

And for even Human Contact I / We have is a BLESSING as The U.S. Surgeon General has now listed Loneliness as a Killer # 4 in the USA

And maybe I was LONELY and in a CITY of 1 Million Plus and being around as many people as I was in 2018 the DAY THAT I WAS CUT OPEN with ZERO FREEZING ( WTF ) why can't they FREEZE MY damn BODY / TEETH OPENED why can't I get FREEZING


Did I not deserve to be TREATED As At Least As A HUMAN BEING

What AM I? A Criminal ( and even if I was a CRIMINAL you would NEVER DO the things that YOUR SYSTEM DID UNTO ME )

And this is weird ( really weird ) as I have a BONA-FIDE Actually Mental Illness so does this mean that The State Can Torture ME ?


Remember IF THE STATE can torture me for being sick, what else can they TORTURE YOU Under -- Addictions , Murder, Jay Walking, Speeding

Where does this madness end and begin

As I still was ALLOWED TO MAKE A FEW PEOPLE HAPPY in These Bullshit Times That I did NOT CREATE / DESIGN

As remember EVERY STEP I WALK .... It actually HURTS and Causes Me Pain BUT GOD SAVED MY ASS IN A JAIL CELL on Mischief Charges ( 88 days ) and the DEAL WAS I WOULD SERVE HUMANITY UNTIL GOD CALLED ME HOME ... But It Seems I can NOT Rush This Myself as God Sends in The Angels ( and I have little CHANCE ) As Gods Angels actually Care and Understand My Sickness as he sees that I am even IN PAIN I WALK as right now The Majority Of People are Worried and if I Can Make JUST A SINGLE PERSON HAPPY -- Then I Have SERVED MY GOD today

What did I do WRONG TO THE SOCIETY That Raised Me since 1978 when I came to The City of Edmonton, Alberta Canada at age 17 ( ALONE )

Weird eh?

I am still ALONE, as when you see my Posts LOOKING For A Mistress of The Mad Hatter Experience ( I do however need KINDNESS & LOVE ) and You May Have to Teach / Train me In These Areas, I also will need my Own Time to READ as my Books are Very Important to me as They Saved MY ASS as I LOVE BOOKS, and Attempting to Write ( as a few people are wanting MY STORY it is $ 1000 ( ?) ( Ask my Research Librarians at The Universities in Edmonton, for which I am seriously Blessed for ) However I have a Bill that has Prevented me from borrowing ( pay it and I love you ) its $ 22 ( I just never have actual money lol ) living below the poverty line in the WEST HURTS $ 20 K

Hey here is My Bitcoin Address

BTC ONLY = 32tpy6jxBvD9RyVTirXtvCv1XkYLJ9RZZy


Lucien The Light II

April 2022

May Angels Watch Over YOU

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