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April 25, 2022:~ Time To Get A New Laptop As This One Is Fried -- Pray for me If You Know The Words

Or Just Invent a FEW As God don't matter about words he Cares of FAITH & SUBSTANCE

You see that this City ( of Champions ) and the world i the background the Province has caused me irreparable damage ( this means that they can NOT / NEVER FIX the DAMAGE to my Body / BRAIN / MIND / Economics / Faith EVER

What do I thinks I needs well it is up to my new lady as she is HUNTING ME as I see her daily and it is a rush for the two of us

And she gets to figure out what I / we NEED for the next PHASE of Keylo The Mad Hatter Experience --- I am assuming ( greatly her that she wants a house / HOME and I wants damn big balcony on the top floor in Downtown Edmonton ( massive ) as I want to grow some great food for our guests --- and she will needs a car(S) 5-10 --- NOT OUT ISSUE as this system abused me for 39 Years

I will Now Take Some Rest as I Earned It TODAY as I was told her name but my brain lost it able to make now all DO IS know is the BEGINS WITH an


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