April 28, 2021~The Monk Experiment ~ The Merger ~

Today I have decided to change the Direction of The Experiment ~ as I decided this morning that I was going to merge

The L.S.D. Experiment ( Life Style Design ) with The Monk Experiment and bring in a very new / extra variables,

Goals are to focus on the FULL CUP syndrome instead of the cup fell off the table and shattered syndrome

The book that started it all in 2003 as a gift from an incredible mentor and a friend that would come to save my life and world when I got deathly ill back in 2013 and he hit the buttons to save me, thank you bro

I finally came to understand it better in the last 5 months or so as it is all a " Thought World as Thoughts are Truly Things, and Very Powerful Things At That.

The Book is -- Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Thank You 

Lucien aka The Mad Hatter & Light

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