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April 28, 2022: ~ To Kind People A The University Hospital Waiting Room THANK YOU

The people I met were the kindest people I have ever met and I wish that I had actually lasted a while longer in the Waiting Room but I had ZERO Pain Meds and was going out of my mind with the damn pain again and I did not want to break anything as this is fucken horrible ( they can and have done anything that they wanted to me ever since I entered this city )

To the lady that lent / gave me the $20 to go home as i am never ALLOWED to have access to cash no more God Bless YOU, to the Taxi Driver that Tested me by asking for the cash up front as he was about to drop me in the middle of ( NOWHERE ) Thank YOU for allowing me to show you that in massive pain I still have CLASS by giving you the money i only had

To Security who let me be The Mad Hatter Experience for the last time EVER thank YOU

To the EPS thank YOU to EMS thank you for helping me down the stairs THANK YOU

But it SEEMS that YOU NOW less than 24 HOURS later ALL Want Me DEAD .... I AM DEAD

Finally I get to LEAVE this Man Made HELL that YOUR MASTERS MADE FOR FOREVER

Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote II

Good BYE Everyone

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