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I blame me for the STATE of YOUR PLANET as when they took my dad out in 1975 the family was left all alone and I turned into the Town DRUNK / The Weeds Dealer ( in the city and in the town ) and the RCMP knew it as the Fucken Game was to Erase My Family Name and My Family From the Map as the Church was allowed first shot then the SCHOOL run by the Church in the Town that The Church also OWNED

I was SCRUBBED From St Albert ( The Town and a Priest ya ) in 1978, and told to get out or JAIL over a fucken JOINT a JOINT yup -- The Warrant is here still ( October 13, 1978) in Northgate Motel where the System Basically Moved me by Scaring The Friends that Moved in after Dad Passed ( 2 of their young sons later when I was in the EXILE PROGRAM) along with their dad also KILLED Themselves over sexual abuse stuff in that dame Gresham Blvd ( FUCK ) these were great people damn I have blamed ME for this shit

YOU SEE that Fucken Drunk Gnome -- That Is ME as I would be SAVED -- Then HARD TESTED on the DAMN BOOZE,

I am sad as I tried to let you know .... you all laughed at me, I am a HUMAN and YOU DESTROYED A HUMAN

Your society is going to get a very much worse and I am saddened for all of the people that are not in the ruling ELITE Class as it is OVER

Have A Drink on Me

The Society that I was allowed to Return to AFTER 3 YEARS PLUS OF ABUSE is a nasty as FUCK PLACE

Love U

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