As God Said To Key-Lo' One Night

when I asked him how many Girls / Ladies I needed to serve before Karen would come Home ----- In his (loud) as one can IMAGINE (he is God) booming Voice said "ALL OF THEM"

Key' Lo started in a 6 month AHE sentence with a very pretty Nurses Aid rubbing cream on my feet (watch this one come back to bite me fast and hard) *she went on to become a mental health nurse (she was so smart) and our conversations were incredible

Key' Lo as it is referred to on my cards (as in the Keys around my neck) stands for "The Keys To The Mind and The Universe"

What do I want? As my Mental Health Doc asks two things

1) for the pain to "lesson" (I DO NOT expect to ever be pain free again) but less is a good goal (Suboxone at 8-10mg is the Key Lo)

2) To Serve a Pretty Girl / Lady

Things I have out grown (most ) I like books (good luck buying me one with 1600+ in My Personal Library Luck)

Been a decent day less tears than day before (met a hooker, today) they scare me, I been here for three years -- still they scare me -- it is a different scare than pain -- really different -- Remember God and Gods Order {all of them}

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