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At Access Over Night They Like to HURT TO ME AS HARD AS POSSIBLE

October 8,2022

And it begins with silly little children's games that we all played (can you hear me) then they have me raise my voice and then they hang up LIKE MONKEYS

And I had to go to a A&D test and no one will even tell me how it works and it devastated me to the point I needed and ACUPHASE SHOT after as I was a total mess before the shot and I was worried for the people that become like a small community that forms it happens fast as we have things in common / Mental illness and I am in no way saying we should round up these critters ( The Mentally iLL and Lock em ALL in Mental Health Units but in my case maybe a ( LOOK SEE ) every 6 months ---- 1 year to see how they are doing as when you see a client only in the office it is only a side and there are more sides to a person than a room in a HIGHRISE covered with the DOCTORS stuff maybe a look in at the Patients House View could be done over a 45 minute coffee date ( yup people still drink COFFEE) I seen this out at a cafe I really did --- and it might even promote cleanness or a see that the client needs HELP to get his / her home a little bit cleaner -- I have been asking since the surgery went bad and I could no longer bend and walk as I did as I was able to-do 9 + km and not 6 kM is massive as something went wrong in my BEDSORE surgery on April 11, 2019 by Dr Wong and his team

Najawah at ACCESS just pushed all my buttons again and it sparked an explosion, and it seems this is what they want and at the end of the call she was starting on her expert analyze

They Michelle still called Dr A Patel a Male ( like WTF ) as this shit has been going on for decades as this damn girls don't take this job serious as they are the end of the line and they have the power to either KILL or as I have found get people to call the City Police of Edmonton as they charged me as this system is not working the call in system as we need a overseer on both lines behind the screen on all lines making sure as few people as possible die as this is now getting totally fucked up

The JOB ALL of The Firefighter / Police / EMS / ACCESS 24 / 7 are tough JOBS and so IS PTSD as shit there are sometimes I wanna just want all the pain to end this is fucken horrible as I feel sore so bad right now and I has nothing for pain until the mad chemist arrives at 11am with my potions and pills and then I get moments of pain release now and then it is back and we do this dance every damn day and some days it wins and I win a few days to but it hard as hell as when someone pisses you with PTSD lash out ( so far mine have only been verbal) and every time I get a PTSD thing ( I have no idea as to what they are called as I have now been diagnosed since June 22, 2021 and was told October 14, 2021 as the Mohammed refused to let me know -- and this is the guy that set up and hurt me from day one ( 1 ) and it is not about Catholic and Muslim ( I hope ) but he sure screweed me over with the CARE PLAN that lives on long time after all the players in this FUCKED UP CARE PLAN DID except me and I because of Mohamed's CARE PLAN that he crafted he was fired, not only from my FILE but the entire CLINC and was sent packing to CALGARY from the last session ( if I was / am to believe him ) who knows as long as he is away from me

GOOD NIGHT HAD A CHAT WITH PIERRE AT CITY POLICE, and he also know a few people with The PTSD and he agreed that this is no fun at all --- it actually sucks

I also had another short call to the City Police before the one to PIERRE these people have once again saved my life as I have a bottle of CUPCAKE White WINE TUCKED AWAY IN THE FRIDGE ALONG WITH A DAMN LONG SOBREITY AS MY PLAN IS


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