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Aug 16 ~ This is a follow up from March 30, 2022 BUGS um de lisios

ya know this shit is finally coming undone as the Bible and my Mommy & Daddy taught us ( I have a sister ) honesty is the best policy that before I caught PTSD in a Church go figure -- I now am finally going to get help took from about 69/70' till now with 4 wrong mental illness disorders beginning in 1983 till today when I was supposed to be in Court for calling 911 ( 58 + x ) since January trying to get help from anyone and I was sucidial and went to hell this last 420 daze ( not kidding you ) as I was to be in Court for the phone calls and trips to hospitals --but I am sick now beyond beleif and the day of court was moved to early next month, and the Crown in Canada / Alberta has finally with the incredible EPS / EMS / and FIRE along with my Legal Aid Lawyer shown my mercy and I am going to get 2 years with a Probation Supervisor -- and a chance to maybe get to finally live -- now I do not know if living a full life at 61 is possible but I have all of you people who been following around with me since July 16, 2019 when I started this blog / website ( I have no clue how hardly any of this works --- hell I don't know how anything works, tell you one thing ) I am not going to screw this up, as I have been eating pills after pills for 40 years and it is and was hard to even say the words " mental illness " 40 year ago or even 20 years ago but what the fuck I am here still thanks TO JESUS CHRIST AND GOD and more Angels than I will ever know and I am Blessed as I am going to find myself and my family and maybe if we all includng you get seriously Blessed and a tad of luck --I MAY FIND MY MIND AND FINALLY ENTER THE HUMAN RACE --- THANK YOU AND SAY A PRAYER AS I AM SICK ( physically ) and will be back on the streets of edmonton in a few days -- THANKS TO JESUS CHRIST & GOD MY Angels and You ALL -- I stop here for now--

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