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Aug 21~ The Frying Pan at + 31c And It Is Going To Get A Lot Worse in The Age of Extinction

Well in The Capital of Earth this weekend we broke 30c today from the data I was given and as a direct result of reading on Medium we are well kind screwed as why our calanders are looking a head till 2030 ( it is 2022) and it is already feeling tthing warm

In the Frying Pan Called Earth

This is where we all wake up and realize we have a few more choices as a Spieces and they are

1) to carry on as we have since I was Attacked and Raped by a Priest in my Church and well we all then will get a great opportunity when we retire from the Script that Humanity seems to worked itself into by playing " Keeping Up With The Joneses " Silly game and we really did not understand the world game from the early 1970's till now 52 years and I was in DEAD MODE and never had a car - been on a plane and I was as I said I was in DEAD MODE for 51/52 long intense years of my personal pain and suffering I surfaced in 1987 but no one noticed as our collective experience of REALITY was never in as much pain and suffering ( ever before ) I am very sorry I didn't make it back any sooner but This was God & Jesus Christ that brought me back to life

Because as you know I was a guy with a hat and I was trying to have fun to trigger the D.O.S.E. in the people in my world and city


And we are it would seem are not done with the PAIN CYCLE we entered in March 15, 2020 when COVID 19 arrived into our presence -- Like we needs to reads as much as 10-20 pages a day ( instead of the Devil in The Corner -- my daddy taught me the JOY & VALUE of being able to read ) and if you have a fear or say you can't there are Groups like Project Literacy ) in my part of the world just call them up book an appointment and as for some help it is free and will serve your all your days on the great planet

Enjoy all

Lucien The Light II

August 21, 2022

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